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David Davies

Weymouth, Canada

I’ve been an amateur photographer for as long as I can remember, which at my age is about a couple of weeks! I’ve owned film...

What the Bloody Hell is Going On?

What the hell is going on? For the second time in two weeks the following has happened:

a. I’ve posted an existing picture to a group to enter a challenge in that group and have noticed that I had only posted the picture to one or two groups;

without checking any comments the picture might have received, I posted it to a bunch of other groups;

c. when I later returned to the pictures I found that they had any number of comments, including features.

I’ve not only checked to ensure that I only ever posted each of the pictures once and that is in fact so, but have discovered that virtually every single picture of mine, in excess of 1,000, has been stripped of the groups to which it was originally posted, leaving just one or two checked for each one.

Has this rubbish happened to anyone else? Why are pictures being stripped of the groups to which they have been posted?

I am annoyed, embarrassed, and if you missed it the first time, REALLY BLOODY ANNOYED!

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