I Came Back

Hi, everyone,

After a few weeks off to indulge in one of my other loves, reading, I today decided that it was time to come back to redbubble and enjoy more wonderful pictures. Truth is, I ran out of books! lol! I don’t have any new pictures to offer as it ’s very difficult to take pictures and read at the same time, but as soon as Spring gets here, and surely it must come soon, I can probably do something about that.

Imagine my pleasure, however, to find that today some kind person bought a canvas print of ‘Mavillette Beach III’, a beautiful beach here in southwestern Nova Scotia. Whoever you are, thank you very, very much. I hope you get much pleasure from it.

Cheers all.


  • Wendi Donaldson
    Wendi Donaldsonover 3 years ago

    Was wondering what happened to you!!! Really pleased to know you’re all reenergized now. Hope you didn’t get hit with that snowstorm in the east. Get out there and start shooting!!!
    Congrats on your sale too – that’ll get the juices flowing!

  • Thank you so much, Wendi! It was nice to read again, though, I do love it so much. I use both my local library and the internet site Kobo when I can find a book I really like. Hate to think how many books I have on the computer. But can I have some Spring now, please! My camera needs it! lol


    – David Davies

  • WatscapePhoto
    WatscapePhotoover 3 years ago

    Hi David. Welcome back. Glad you’re ok and that you had a good read. Many congratualtions on your sales.

  • Thank you, Stephen. I always enjoy a good read and I found that RB was taking over my life so it was time to switch for a while. And what a pleasure it was.

    – David Davies

  • Graeme  Hyde
    Graeme Hydeover 3 years ago

    A great welcome back. Congratulations on the sale.

  • Thank you, Graeme, good to be back.

    – David Davies

  • naturelover
    natureloverover 3 years ago

    Hi David, welcome back from Bookland to Bubbleworld, many congrats on the great sale, well done. x

  • Thanks, Pauline, I haven’t stopped reading but will use my time more judiciously from now on.

    – David Davies

  • michellerena
    michellerenaover 3 years ago

    Glad to see you back and congrats on the sale

  • Thank you Michelle.

    – David Davies

  • Irene  Burdell
    Irene Burdellover 3 years ago

    Nice to see you back David .
    You should get yourself a Kindle from amazon you will never run out of books then and you can multi task with your camera and read at the same time lol

  • Thank you, Irene. I have Kindle and Kobo (Adobe Digital Editions) software on my MacBook and that is where I do most of my reading. I find that the choice of books from Kobo seems to be greater than Kindle and the prices seem to be better. When I first found Kobo I had to download Adobe Digital Editions as a reader but Kobo now has its own software, so you have a choice. You should give it a try if you haven’t already.

    – David Davies

  • cherylc1
    cherylc1over 3 years ago

    So glad to see you back and congratulations!!!!!

  • Thank you, Cheryl!

    – David Davies

  • Roy  Massicks
    Roy Massicksover 3 years ago

    Congratulations on your canvas print sale David – as far as reading goes, you are a man after me own heart !
    I have just progressed from Peter Rabbit and have moved on to Biggles….lol!

  • Thank you, Roy! I have been celebrating the rites of Spring today, had my studded snow tires replaced with my summer tires. It’s so nice to have done with the rumble of the studs! I was brought up on Enid Blyton’s ‘Adventure’ series. Didn’t really get into Biggles.

    – David Davies

  • photogaryphy
    photogaryphyover 3 years ago

    Hi David, nice to hear fro you again.

  • Thank you Gary. After several weeks of very enjoyable reading (being retired gives me a lot of time for that) I now have to relearn RB. Great fun!

    – David Davies

  • donnnnnny
    donnnnnnyover 3 years ago

    Welcome back david hope you had a great read mate, cheers don