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Just a simple man that love’s nature ! I keep it simple with a lower grade camera as it tries my patience sometimes but it makes me strive harder and harder to get that perfect shot with a not so perfect camera and it is quit rewarding when you do it this way and makes you more proud of what you get in the end result. :-) I love it and it works for me. I do not claim to be no Picasso anyway Lol :-) Far from it, Anyway thanks for reading and dropping by and I wish you a wonderful day or night.

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Neighborhood Strike

[Video] / Some neighbors got the crap scared out of them last night with a big bright surprise and it was a very close call for all of them as you will see. Wow amazing !
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Rotation In The Cloud's Above !

[Video] / This is a storm I recorded one evening back in May on the 11th and had no idea what I found was in this. A rapidly rotating cloud just above my little shack I reside in, Cute little shack that is lol, This thing went on putting on a light show for quit some time, no rain but nice show indeed. Enjoy and more to come with this later on as another storm did bust me wide open later on this …
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First, Night Stom - Part One

[Video] / This is part one to the first night storm of 215 storm season. It was a fantastic evening and lasted all night as they just kept building over and over until about 4 am in the next morning. Enjoy part one and be on the look out for part two coming up soon. Thanks for watching as always .
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Storm Season 2015 Day One

[Video] / Storm season 2015 finally arrives and arrives with a big bang this year. These storms lasted all night on the 9th and went on until morning, it was fantastic. Got so much footage that there will be several videos coming out of this night so stay tuned.
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