Just a simple man that love’s nature ! I keep it simple with a lower grade camera as it tries my patience sometimes but it makes me strive harder and harder to get that perfect shot with a not so perfect camera and it is quit rewarding when you do it this way and makes you more proud of what you get in the end result. :-) I love it and it works for me. I do not claim to be no Picasso anyway Lol :-) Far from it, Anyway thanks for reading and dropping by and I wish you a wonderful day or night.

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He Speaks , Are we listening ?

[Video] / I chose this video to send a message that this world must take seriously soon because there is not much time left. As I was filming this storm I noticed that the thunder in it was so constant and it seemed like God himself was talking to me and low and behold when I decided to send a message after what all has happened around the world this past week this had to be the one so here it is…
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Hunter's Moon

[Video] / This was the moon on Saturday evening and as it went down on Friday morning. I combined both into one video and it is awesome. Was bueutiful in both cases. Thanks for viewing as always and see ya soon.
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Reflections In The Storm

[Video] / When a storm is going on we tend to think a lot about things. This video is to reflect that. I was thinking about some things this night as I was filming so here it is and hope you get the point. Thanks for viewing .
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Night Of The Storms - Part Six - Lightning On The Roof Tops

[Video] / This was a fantastic display as it passed by that night as those storms kept passing by. Constant lightning in this as with most that night. This video is also dedicated to my motto "Fallow The Sky " as well. You will see why as you watch this video. It was truly an amazing night. Thanks for watching and see you on the next .
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