Just a simple man that love’s nature ! I keep it simple with a lower grade camera as it tries my patience sometimes but it makes me strive harder and harder to get that perfect shot with a not so perfect camera and it is quit rewarding when you do it this way and makes you more proud of what you get in the end result. :-) I love it and it works for me. I do not claim to be no Picasso anyway Lol :-) Far from it, Anyway thanks for reading and dropping by and I wish you a wonderful day or night.

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May Day Storms - Part One

[Video] / Been out for a while building a database of videos so e got new material on hand at all times , so that is where I have been for a while now. Going to kick things off here with a fantastic video of May day when it came in and it was an awesome day as you will see here in part one of this awesome evening. Fantastic clouds and lightning this evening as well and ended with a really good l…
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Supercell Thunderstorm 2015 - Part Two

[Video] / This is part two from that Supercell the other day. Later that evening after dark it backed up on me and got close enough to see one nice light show and this is the footage from it.
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Supercell Thunderstorm 2015

[Video] / Awesome storm went by me back on June 26 and it was all over the news later that evening. This was so huge and later in the evening after dark it backed up on me and got closer to my home which I will do in the next video still firing shot after shot of lightning in it several hours later.
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After The Storm - A Special Moment

[Video] / Saturday evening this past weekend produced one of the most interesting skies I’ve ever seen, so I just had to share it with you guys.When these moments happen,you stop and pay close attention, well at least I do, because they are so special and sometimes trying to tell us something as we do not always catch that. This had me going and just when you think it was over something els…
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