Just a simple man that love’s nature ! I keep it simple with a lower grade camera as it tries my patience sometimes but it makes me strive harder and harder to get that perfect shot with a not so perfect camera and it is quit rewarding when you do it this way and makes you more proud of what you get in the end result. :-) I love it and it works for me. I do not claim to be no Picasso anyway Lol :-) Far from it, Anyway thanks for reading and dropping by and I wish you a wonderful day or night.

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'Blood Moon' Eclipse/ Thunderstorm 10/08/2014

[Video] / I missed the first blood moon because of rain but this time I got so lucky and had both on the same night. This was quit an evening and went on all night long from 9 pm until 8 am the next morning all rapped up into this fantastic video all just for you guys.It was a really something to behold as this took place and I can never look at the moon in quit the same way from now on. It was s…
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War Of The Thunderheads !

[Video] / This is a line of storms doing battle over an area just south of me one night back in August and this was quit a show to. I love to catch these Thunderheads like this, it was quit a show.
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September Sunset

[Video] / Self Explanatory :-) / Awarded Creative Art Award 09/24/2014
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Storm Of The Summer 2014 - Part One

[Video] / Although the “Night Of The Storms” series this past summer was my best and there is still more to come on that series, This was the best single storm I filmed this summer. My little canon has a bad eye after being damaged on the night of the storms but I kept working with it until I got it half way straight and it is still going and not to bad as you can see. Got to get a ne…
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