Im 30 years old and currently living in the Shire of Dandaragan, Western Australia.

I own a Samsung GX 20 Digital SLR Camera.

Lightning shots interest me with this one being my favourite, this image has been sold on Redbubble

Feel free to contact me or visit my website at www.daniel-fitzgerald.com

Seeya round the bubble!!!

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Please have a look at Marinus Kleinjan’s photos and make him feel welcome. He just signed up today. / Marinus / Cheers / Fitzy
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Searching Redbubble

Is it just me or is Redbubbles search the worst you have encountered? / Has anyone figured out how it decides who is on the first page and who is on the last? / I had a thought that is was on popularity and favouritings after keywords of course. So if someone was to search for Lightning, all the pictures, t-shirts, writings etc with the keyword lightning would appear. / Now for the top spot, if s…
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New redbubble member

Please make welcome glennlcasey by adding him to your watchlist and commenting on his work as you have mine. / Thats a small L in the middle of glenn casey by the way…I had to ask… / Thanks / Fitzy
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t e n T H O U S A N D

Ok I’d like to thank my mum my dad for this glorious occasion. / Alright about a year ago I got forced into doing a course that included a bit of photography, if it wasnt for that then I wouldnt be here. / I have been on redbubble for just over a year now and absolutely love it, this community rocks, teh stuff I have learnt is unbelievable, the ppl I have on my watchlist are phenomenol, I l…
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