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“Cause and effect” and the principle of Karma”

Probably most interpreted are the principles of “Cause and Effect,” and that of “Karma.” Part of our human/spirit journey is expressed on the physical/spirit plane of “Cause and Effect.” “For every action there is an equal (not necessarily opposite) reaction (or equivalent on some plane of experience—they are infinite), which leads some to simplify Karma. If one murders someone, at some point in his ongoing journeys of life and death (reincarnation), the perpetrator himself will be slaughtered, a justice due for his action. Some religions require a death penalty for murder based on the Law of Karma, here and now retribution.

When one commits what society deems a crime against another (really the self as well) there is justice to be had…which society itself determines based on what is understood of Cause and Effect (which can rightfully be described as an intricate of Karma), which is always skewed by personal likes and predilections. The sources are religion and philosophy—emotion.

When a crime has been committed—a negative recognized by Creation—retribution goes far beyond the first act, into an infinite universe. If one kicks a dog—and that dog having been hurt by you bites someone else, you are guilty of not only kicking that dog but partly for the dog’s bitter action. If a person bitten dies of an infection, you have part blame of this—and if he leaves behind a wife and children that will suffer greatly for the loss, you have part blame of this. On and on the wave travels, becoming a tsunami of Karma. That drop in the pond vibrates waves out, infinitely touching all. Mercifully—this principle works also with the good deeds one accomplishes throughout life. God sees these as well, but it would take a computer the size of infinite universes combined for human’s to comprehend the proper justice. Best left to Him.

Our physical experience of Cause and Effect embodies elements of Time and Space. If one commits a negative while in the body, there are options as to places to go and time to hide while attempting to escape punishment. After death, and when in the realm of spirit (which is a form of spirit substance on the plane of spirit consciousness) (Always connected, in an essence sense, to the Cause and Effect of the apparent universe) without the dense part of one’s form, Time and Space no longer exist. Paybacks are immediate, and infinite were it not for God’s Grace of Reincarnation, a chance for soul purification. Every moment of each life is precious. We should not waste a single atom of experience—and, most important of all, any chance to express forgiveness motivated by Divine Love in Presence.

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“Cause and effect” and the principle of Karma” by 


  • Elucidate
    Elucidateover 4 years ago

    an insightful read.

  • Thank you Jordan for letting me know that you enjoyed this write. Have a great day my friend!

    – devotee1

  • RosaCobos
    RosaCobosover 4 years ago

    oh.. that can be understood..but…
    if I was to beleive in the “cause and effect” boomerang action of the world…I would say that not only are the “bad actions” significant regarding to what context will travel in their unending trip. But the good things too.
    We are too much attached to our “bad side” our inclining vices, we are so alarmed that we think that this will cause some of justice…and then…we start to moralize and use this “judgement” to our own provileges…we start using a sort of “revenge” in a subtle way.
    One can do something that considers is really a good action, and this one at last serve to terrible purposes.
    I remember once here….that one woman had denounced her rape by a man…and when coming to a judge,he more or less said that as she was wearing a mini-skirt, what else could this lubric man as feel intensly excited and rape her…so this fact….(the miniskirt) was considered as the “cause” secondary one…but a cause that would diminish the terrible act that he had done. Is this justice? And so I have heard many bishops and priests here..sometimes mentioning that genre violence would lessen in
    intensity if the woman would learn to be meek and quiet when his husband was enraged…and tried to temper him instead of argumenting or defending. And what about those systematic spankings on children telling that is was for their own goodness?
    I do not know…..
    I cannot beleive in that. Though evidences show that there is a “before” and an “after”…all is happening in the same thread of Life, and we need much more than a bipolar existence or sense of the existence, ir order to see that appereances are easy to grasp..but wholeness real difficult to see.
    Your topic is really interesting. And quite phylosophical and even spiritual coming to some term.
    A hug!!!

  • Hi Rosa; wonderful comment…I think any justice that man (society) decides on will always be flawed until man embodies Divine mind and presence. How will we know this? It will be self-evident by the conditions of the world. If the world is in great pain and suffering, we are doing something wrong. God never brings suffering to the world. And he never punishes. His nature is one of Total Forgiveness, Purest Love, and entirely Unselfish, giving everything to us of Himself (unlimited growth, immortality)—the chance to bring anything (good or bad—that is the rub) we can imagine new into existence (there is no limit to unfoldment). This judge, in the rape-case, was obviously wrong. His sense of justice was based on personal prejudice, with little true understanding of individual rights for self-expression, within the law—in the case of the woman and her mini-dress—and not understanding the obligation to self-control (the man having no control over his lesser-soul). The perpetrator did not honor the property-rights of woman (her own body) and gave-in to raw, animal-emotions. One can be passionate without being a savage as was the rapist who deserves separation from society, not my judgement but predicated on his own despicable action. I think, probably, the most misunderstood concept is that of Freewill. I will write lengthy on this latter in the day. Thank you so much for commenting so eloquently, and raising many intelligent and poignant observations. Have a great day!

    – devotee1

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