Jordan's Lab Rat

As always, the smell of old juice drinks and non-carbonated sodas filled the air. Sally and Daphne sat patiently on the metal bench, next to the two drink machines in their school hall, and tried to breathe out their inner anger. It was a nice, hot spring day and they were forced to stay inside this itchingly irritating building. And if that wasn’t bad enough, they had their principal as a substitute today. So, naturally, they weren’t very eager to get to class. Sally bent over the edge of the bench and stared down at the ground as she nervously bit off her fingernails. Daphne just crossed her legs and looked judgementlessly off into space. Neither of the girls had any intention of making it to class before the bell, so they just sat in wonder at what else they could be doing.

When the bell rang, all the students rushed quickly to their rooms, except for a few that either didn’t have that period class, or were playing it up to seem as if they were sick and could not attend. Daphne grabbed a hair-tie off her wrist and spun her golden locks up into a fancy bun on the back off her head, leaving a few short strands as bangs that hung down around her eyes, framing her face. Sally simply dragged her fingers through the knots in her deliciously wavy, dark chocolate brown hair and shook it out. Both girls were looking very stylish today with eye make-up that made them look somewhat catlike, leaving a gorgeous touch to their perfectly smooth, creamy skin faces.

Now, on one hand you had Daphne with her elegant maroon sweater dress that wrapped around her neck several times and clung to her body like fly paper, making an over-exaggeration of her curves that she seemed to fancy with a deep, jealous passion. On top of that, she had the most dazzling shiny grey pumps with silver tips over the toes, and her profoundly green eyes were outlined in black with a shaded tint of purple appearing on her lids from behind her dark midnight lashes. Everything about her screamed gorgeous, but there was a hidden beauty within her that was far beyond her years and she held it close to her heart knowing she could use it to make things happen in her life. She wasn’t quite ready for the amount of power that was strung up inside her, but she was happy to know that it was there just incase she needed it.

On the other hand you had Sally. Now, she wasn’t much to look at in a fashionable sense, but her inner beauty cried out past her clothes and showed off to the world what an extremely striking girl she was. She always seemed to attract the numbers, and often times it made Daphne jealous, but it was nothing more than her pure heart and warm aura that seemed to reach out and grab the hearts of everyone around her. With respect to her kindness, she wasn’t bad on the eyes either. On the contrary, she was always seemingly well dressed, just not to the standards of her fashion hungry friends. Today, for example, she had on a very appealing pink tank top with a large red heart in the center that covered both of her breasts. Beneath that she wore a pair of dusky purple shorts that cut off right below her butt, with two hot pink, slipper-like converse that were edged in white.

The two girls sprawled themselves out over the bench and Daphne leaned up against the metal pole of the light post that stood next to the them on the floor. After lounging for a few minutes, the girls got restless and decided to stand up.

Daphne groaned, “God, I hate this school. Let’s just dip and go to a club or something. Whatchu say Sal?”

Pondering the thought of expulsion, for her and Daphne had been skipping out on classes for almost over a month, she sighed. “I suppose it couldn’t hurt any, and I hate it here too. I need a break.”

With a devious grin, Daphne grabbed Sally’s hand and they both dashed out the back door.

“I can’t believe that worked,” Sally panted, almost hyperventilating, as she took a seat on one of the bar stools at the drinks counter.

“Oh shush your face,” Daphne uttered in her charming Russian accent, “Flirting works every time.”

They had made it into the club just fine, but Sally wasn’t positive that the bouncers had been convinced and thought that any second now they might be thrown out. It didn’t seem to register in her brain that this wasn’t school and the people here wouldn’t call their parents if they got caught, so she kept worrying whenever a bartender behind the counter reached for the phone. There were quite a few people their today and so there wasn’t any concern that they might draw any attention to themselves, for the music was loud and the whole place was crowded, but Sally kept eyeing Daphne anxiously to make sure that they were okay.

Not five minutes after they sat down, a young man – in a long sleeved, dark plaid button-up, with grey skinny jeans, murky brown converse, and messy spiked up dirty blond hair – took the seat next to Sally. Right as he sat down Daphne began to eye him and Sally turned away in embarrassment and discomfort. The man stared back at Daphne with mysteriously bottomless light blue eyes. He winked at her and she smiled widely.

“Hi,” the man said, stretching out his arm to shake Daphne’s hand, “I’m Romeo.”

Daphne lost her breath for a second, but swallowed, put out her hand, and replied, “Daphne,” with a huge smile spreading across her face.

Romeo shook Daphne’s hand and grinned, “You look absolutely stunning.”

“It’s the lights,” Sally murmured from behind her hands.

Daphne smack Sally’s shoulder, “Your not bad yourself,” she said to Romeo, smiling seductively as she did so.

“He’s charmed, I’m sure,” Sally spit in disgust.

“Very,” Romeo said, ignoring Sally’s hostility. “Is your friend British?” he asked Daphne kindly.

“Somewhat,” Daphne glared at Sally.

“And you’re Russian, right?” Romeo asked, intrigued.

“A little too Russian if you ask me,” Sally mumbled.

Romeo turned towards Sally, “And what’s your name?”

Sally just stared down at the counter.

“Her name’s Sally,” Daphne said, trying to sound as interested as possible in the sound of Romeo’s Irish accented voice without getting jealous that he was starting to talk to Sally.

“How old are the both of you?”


Daphne cut Sally off, “I’m twenty-two and she’s twenty-one.”

“Oh, so she’s new to this whole seen then, is that it?”

“I suppose so,” Daphne said behind her teeth as she hit Sally’s side to try and make her straighten up.

“That’s very cool. I, myself, am twenty-five, just had my birthday yesterday,” Romeo beamed, as if he were very proud of himself. “Let me buy you lady’s a drink. What would you two like?”

“We really don’t want—”

Daphne cut Sally off again, “Sure. I’d like a Tequila cocktail. Thanks.”

“And for you?” Romeo asked Sally. She didn’t reply, she he just put in an order.

Romeo grabbed the drinks and handed them to the girls, then sat down and sipped on his own. Daphne slapped Sally’s leg and smirked. Sally just sat there and stared off into the mirror that was against the wall behind the bar.

Jordan's Lab Rat


Santa Cruz, United States

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Artist's Description

This story is about 2 teens that end up running away from home and doing drugs and becoming terrible people.. and it’s all because of this guy named “Jordan” !! …nawt finished!!

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