My Final Destination

Comforting words of depression help my hopeless mind come to a conclusion that it wishes it would not find. / Unfortunately, I have to make…


Bride, in white, / Silky satin, / Through the night, / Walking, Singing, / Candles glowing.

My Blood

And I am trying to believe, / I am trying to not give in, / I am trying to succeed, / I am trying to begin.

Kill Me

You make me feel so trapped, / I am going insane, / If I die tonight, / It is you that I blame,

Lay Me Down Tonight

Love me in the moonlight. / Hold me by the fire. / Passion in the air. / Candle lit eyes drive my desire.

Jordan’s Lab Rat

Daphne groaned, “God, I hate this school. Let’s just dip and go to a club or something. Whatchu say Sal?”

Made of “TIN”

With a sudden twitch, the tin figure’s eyes shot open, a look of shock and exasperation spread across his face.


Richard’s wound gushed blood as he tried to hide from the falling debris that exploded above him as bombs went off all over the field.

Absolute Turmoil

With a sly maneuver, Cher slid her hand down under Rachel’s panties, rubbing her slightly, and then kissed her hard right as she stuck her …

Runescape Story

“Oh, well done! Climb through the hole, and we can all get out of this cellar,” Sir Vant clapped appreciatively.

Shakespearian Play

Emilia: ….. A shame of a thousand ions, I take it, yet Beatrice seems to not even simply shiver a quill to the girl for apologies.

That Dipstick

They have a real personality. They have soul.

A Love Story

Now, when I say that Harold was into routine that does not mean he was, in any sort of way, normal. On the contrary, Harold was a very pecu…

Marcie’s Peculiar Friend

sitting drunkenly upon his mother’s old sofa, with a glass of scotch in one hand and a poorly lit cigarette in the other, entranced by the …

Story Of My Life

But as she breathed deeply and stroked the harsh wood with violent irritation, the wind blew her hair around her and she started to cry.

Twain Harte

As Taylor walked down the cold, dark, wet alleyway, she motioned to Kim and Charlie to get ready. Their hands moved frantically, trying to …

Why Dogs Bark

It was a typical day at the pound. All the dogs around me, ..were barking, whining and trying to make themselves as cute as possible every …


The man’s shadow weighed down upon her….Then, with a rough grip, he picked her up off the ground, ..and tenderly let go of his grasp.

Don’t Trust The Bugs

Melted crayon filled pools soak up the sun, / As walking brains begin to run.

Black Heart

Pain within, / Dripping from the core, / Though you try and tend it, / It can not be mended.

Street Lamp Moon

walking down the road by the glow of the street lamp moon


Where do the winds blow to from the fields? / And how does it get there?

Random SHIZNIT >_<

♥ love is just a figment of our imagination…. look away, look away, its a trap within her eyes!

Descriptive Shit

Her eyes were like huge black lenses surrounded by tiny, thin blue frames!

The Unknown (Song Lyrics)

shadows in the wind, / nothing but shadows in the wind,

Open Book

lips like allastic stretch the truth, / a million shiny bugs begin to rain from the ink,

Silent Dreams (Song Lyrics)

Silently screaming at them all, / because my mouth forbids me from speaking. / Yelling at the top of my lungs, / but no words escape my lip…

Burst Into Flames/Firey Wings (Song Lyrics)

I’m gonna set my wings on fire! / I’m gonna burst into desire!

Your Last Kiss (Song Lyrics)

I feel the blues deep within my soul, / I have no time to waste on your rock n’ roll, / I know it’s been hard to deal with this…

Falling (old unfinished song lyrics)

Broken hearts glide through the shadows,

It’s So Horrible (song lyrics) “not f…

It’s so horrible, / Nobody cares.


My shoes are falling apart, / Ripped and pulled and stained,

Locker Room

People everywhere!


Blood shot eyes, / Freshly ground teeth,

Bambi (my baby)

Dream Sweet Bambi!

the life i’ve lost

the days have grown long and the nights grown cold, / i wish for you to return the gold, / and when the flowers bloom and shine, / you̵…

searching for what i’m looking for

…..searching…..yes im searching….!!

I Want My Children

for all i want and all i need, / are hiding with in a tiny seed.


I am silent as I lay on the cold floor, / For my words don’t exit my mind, / stuck heavily inside my throat, / blocking air as I gasp…

Peaceful Death

and as they lay there sad and cold / the angel’s story is retold

Nobody Knew.!!

Purple flowers, yellow tress, / Shining sun, blowing breeze, / / / Wrapped in depression, and wrapped in goo, / All bad sense, because nobo…

wtf? eye lashes

so I sit here and wait, / what else shall I do, / as my eye lashes fall, / and mush into you!


pink puffy lines, / blue blurry rows, / white warm paper, / here we go,

=‘[ Alone.!! =’[

I can’ think straight, everything a blur, my head’s running fast, trying to keep up with thoughts that fall so willingly in pla…

=‘[ Death.!! =’[

The fairy weeps and holds the box tight, / then she closes the box and whispers, / good night!

I Love You

our hearts pounding, / our breath speeding, / the heat rising, / the sun sinking, / our minds combined, / our senses bright, / the feeling …

randomness (song/lyrics)

brutally beaten to death with a stick, / shoved in a trunk and driven to the cliffs, / where I was dropped in the freezing cold pits of the…

Salvation (song/lyrics)

she’s bleeding her pain, / he’s leaving her again, / no matter what she does, / she’s loosing her love!!

Death Poem (emo)

My heart bleeds for loss of happy beats. (NOT FINISHED YET!!!!!!!!!!!)

No Name Poem (NOT A WORD) – “I Only T…

My obstreperous moth not allowing me to speak, my voice going numb, refusing he words as they come

Drugs Are Lifes Cure

the answer is the cause, death, one of the flaws.


fighting back the urge to cry, choking on my tears, feeling the pain deep inside, no way to fight away the fears.!!

Homocide (song/lyrics/poem)

silhouettes shift behind the blinds, / shadows tossed across the room, / the smell of assassination drifts through the walls, / blood slowl…

Virginity/Cherries (song/lyrics)

her dress fell to the floor, / a thousand ties undone, / couldn’t resist it anymore, / the temptation had won / / / no not for long w…

Don’t Blame Me “Song Lyrics”

Don’t blame me if you missed your shooting star / don’t blame me If you don’t know where you are / don’t blame me I…

Song Of Power

I am seen in my true light, a bright flame that lights the sky, / I am god!

Poetry: No Name!!

Eyes glowing bright with the shine of the moon; / Spinning fast, round and round in my head; / ………………&#…

Childrens Poems

Three poems in 1- “Candy Eyes”…..”Autumn”………&……..”Jumping Over Yesterday” =]

Stranger In The Mist

Dribbles touched it, creating slight mold on the wood’s edge……..she cringed away……the water splashed up onto her legs

My Hearts True Love

My heart pounded loudly, quickening by the second………..It beat faster and faster as if it were a humming birds wing, stinging so…

Random Story #1

Mouthfuls of apple juice falling from the skies, and too few oxygen molecules……..my clothes had become wet with icing rims and freezi…

Sorry! Not Finished

The scar burned against her skin, flowing through her veins and clinging to her insides.

A Vampire Story

Her tears trickled down her cheeck, as the blood spilled from her neck…so helpless beneath his steal grasp, his strength enough to crush he…

Polar Kingdom

He jumped over me with such force that I thought I might be crushed if the tiniest piece of fur were to touch me…slightly breaking the ice …

Flames of Hell

The blade came closer and closer to her neck…It started cutting through her skin and blood started gushing out. She screamed in agony…Her f…

Nights in Vegas

I walked down the dark street to the building with the huge bright sign outside the front door.

Clear Absense

Slowly, she crouched into a pounce position. She took in two deep breaths, and eyed the rim of the pool. / Suddenly, she sprang up, racing …

The Shadows in the Dark

A Shadow crept by the tents. The fire flickered, as the shadow bent down. The light went out, blackness covered the camp grounds, silence h…

Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?

There it was. It was right there in front of me. “Yes!” I breathed….Uh-Oh….“Who took it?”

Love of My Life

I grab her waist and pull her in tight. Her cheek squishes against my chest, her warmth heating my body, and her love filling my heart.

Fontara’s Mourning Journal

The sun burned my lids and forced them to open. I yawned, rushing air in and out of my lungs. Sweat dripped from my forehead, hitting the t…

Viola and the Queen

“Oh no, how shall I ever get this cake to the baker on time?” A small voice worried outside her window. She grumbled, unable to…

Marvil’s Depressions

He sat up, and chucked the rock at the tree, wishing the tree to snap in two.

My Unfinished Novel "Prologue

He curled his fingers inward to create a fist, and then thrust down his hand upon her head. Black Out.

Broken Glass “The Beginning”

The tile was smooth. It was cold against my skin. I rubbed my hand across the ground to get the texture of the flowers imprinted on it….I f…

Sunshine – Ch. 1

As we sat, I noticed a boy, named Charlie, staring at me from behind his lashes…….“Jessica?” I opened my eyes…….…


Running and Jumping,feel my heart pumping…Hugs and Kisses,memories and wishes…Your mine to hold and cherish,and I hope you never perish.

Poem of Love

With every drop of rain that falls,With every last breath i breath…I’ll heal the pain,Wash away the rain,And love you…My love,My life,My so…


Scorched by flame / And Saturated by reprieve / Love blooms a new……… / Yet, I linger in corridors, hidden by my own fears. / To…

Fishy Wishy

Fishy Wishy went to town riding on a Whale, / He stuck a feather in his hat and called snale male.
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