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There has always been a love for creativity. As a clothing merchandiser one always has fun working with colors, prints, etc. I have also worked in a floral shop, venturing on my own for a small period of time. Thus the love for flowers of all forms, it is even better when one can walk around in their own garden to get inspiration. What a better way to practice, and be creative in floral photography.The beauty of all animals is intriqueing, especially the Wolves. There is something to be said about them and the way they interact with each other. I will be adding more as time goes on. I thank RedBubble to have this opportunity to display some of my work so others may enjoy …….

I have been slowly adding my recent work on my website
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40 Greeting Cards, 22 Postcards

Well my start of a not so great January ended up being bright after all. My project with the Equestrian Park here in Ottawa has been so rewarding for me. A sale of 40 4×6 assorted greeting cards and 22 assorted postcards just give me such a great feeling. Profits from the sales of the greeting cards and postcards are donated back to “Friends of the Park”
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Calendars for 2012 - NNEP

Sold five 2012, happy to end the year on a great note! Profit from the calendars are donated back to “Friends of the Park”
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Tshirt Template

I was just wondering I have alot of horizontal photos, I would like to use some for Tshirts. I have only been using vertical as it seems to fit the dimensions given. Is there a different template I can use to accommodate the size?
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American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

Something that is dear to my heart, and I know there are fellow RB photographers who have posted gorgeous photos of the mustangs. Here is a link I hope you will support and sign. We had the privilege to meet Return to Freedom Founder Neda and her sister last July. Neda does wonderful work with these beauties /
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