I am a mixed-media artist, art director and graphic designer.
Working in this field for more than 18 years.
I like to live my life simply, focusing on the few things I truly love. Art is one of the major ones, as are my family, good books, nature and travel.

I am a visual, mixed-media, digital artist; an art director; and a graphic & web designer. I have been an entrepreneur since 2001, with my small studio in northern VA in the suburbs of Washington DC (check www.arterruption.net).

My goal is very simple. If I can inspire, make a change, or leave a footprint—even as small as few moments in your day—I have achieved my goal.
Art can be like an addiction: you start with a small dose, and soon you realize that you need more and more, to a point where you cannot live without it.

  • Joined: May 2011