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A big Thanks to Lucindawind (Elaine)

A few months ago, I was looking through some of the RedBubble artwork, when I came across Elaine’s photo of a big pile of syringes. Intrigued, I read the story that went along with the photo. Elaine’s cat had converted from being insulin dependant to a normal cat. She helped facilitate the conversion by putting her cat on a much different diet than what the vet had recommended.
I contacted Elaine about this because I had a cat that was insulin dependent and barely able to walk from the symptoms of diabetes (down on his hocks from diabetic neuropathy). Elaine was kind enough to give me all the information that she had researched on cat diabetes and diet.
Using the guidelines that Elaine gave me, we drastically changed our cats diet. Here is the update on my diabetic cat:
Since we started the mostly meat diet, he has completely done a turn around. He is walking and running normally (no longer down on his hocks). He is starting to convert out of diabetes (something that cats can do, but not humans). We are in the process of weaning the insulin off. The vet was pretty surprised when we showed him the diet we have had him on. All the food we are feeding is organic. Chicken, salmon, tuna (not his favorite) and turkey are his mainstay. Once in a blue moon we give hamburger or steak as a treat. We feed him 4-6 smaller meals a day, plus he has a choice of having his dry food. He doesn’t eat much in the way of dry food however.
My other 2 cats are on the same diet for their health. If it weren’t for Elaine’s heads up on changing the diet for our cat, he would not be around today. The vet had estimated that he had less than 6 months to live. Now he is back to being a healthy, active, in your face cat.
Elaine’s image is a great example how art can impact lives. Her photograph was a statement that could have many meanings to different people. Many times we will never know how our art impacts people. That is why I am taking the time to write a thank you to Elaine.
So, to Elaine, a big thank you!

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