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Hawkesbury Printmakers

I wanted to promote and eductate the arts of printmaking in my area of Windsor NSW. So I organised a group show! Wish me luck!!!

Hawkesbury River Printmakers Exhibition

Local artists who are practicing printmakers have combined their talents to open a new exhibition at the Deerubbin Centre for one weekend only. A rare opportunity to learn about and appreciate the art of printmaking in its varied forms.

The artists involved are in all stages of their artistic careers; from highly respected established artists to art students currently studying. Some practice printmaking as their ‘medium of choice’, others are known for their paintings and other art forms.

The exhibition will include works by Judy BROWNLIE, Lucy CHILD,
Mellissa READ-DEVINE, Jean ROBINSON, Sheila SHARP, Mary SMITH and
Virginia WHEATLEY.

Date: Opens Friday 8th August, 7pm – 9pm
And for the weekend 9 & 10 August 10am – 4pm

Venue Stan Stevens Studio
Deerubbin Centre
George Street Windsor

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