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Wow! I sold two cards in a day – a record!!! Thank you to the kind buyers, it’s always a thrill to make a sale. Hope you (both) love my little possums:)

Who knows why???

RedBubble is a funny old thing these days. I don’t post many pics anymore, but I have noticed that my older shots (I joined in 2007) have recently seen a surge of hits. One photo has received over 6000 looks (I average about 400), and one over 4000. Interestingly though, both of these shots have been favorited only a couple of times. Anybody else experiencing this?

Thank you buyers!

I’ve made a few sales in the last few weeks, mainly postcards, and most of them of the great mare Black Caviar. Thank you so much to all my buyers, keep it up!!!


Are you kidding me RB? Leggings? What next? Knickers? Bras? Tracksuits? I can’t wait to work out how to spread my beautiful wildlife pics up and down my legs.I guess my leaping possum would work …
Get real, people, this is meant to be a site for ART not CRAP! I know that things change and evolve, and I congratulate the RB founders of having achieved such an astonishing level of success – but to sacrifice any artistic purpose to a simple driver of merchandising is to sell out completely. Perhaps we could set up a quarantined section of RB for us old-timers who have been here since foundation, and who love the artistic photographic community, who aren’t interested in comics, bedding or underwear, but just want to hang out together sharing our photographs, our comments…

Calendar sale!!!

Yeehaa! My lovely fellow traveller Margaret has bought one of my Burmese Days calendars, to remind her of our great adventures on the Ayeyrwaddy.
And now would be a good time to point out that the elephant pic was actually taken in Chiang Mai, in Thailand … I got a bit carried away:)
Thank you Margaret!!!

Back on air

Back on air, after most of December in Myanmar (Burma), then the Christmas craziness, then porridge brain for quite a few weeks, as summer set in, the bushfires raged, the rains came flooding down, and I had (actually still have) to manage/edit/cull over 3500 pics taken on the trip. Haven’t posted anything for ages, but will do so tonight.

Myanmar (Burma) is a fascinating place, still very undeveloped, but where development is taking place, there’s a fairly significant culture clash happening. We travelled down the Irrawaddy on a Pandaw boat (our third trip with this company), and had the privilege of seeing riverbank and village life for 10 days. Everything is still done by hand, by and large. On the whole trip, including quite extensive on-shore visits to villages and towns,…

SEO Next

I’ve just been ‘followed’ on RB by something called SEOnextreviews. Dr Google tells me this is a search optimisation engine company, which presumably provides services to businesses wanting to enhance their internet coverage. I doubt this has a place on RB!!! Their home page on RB has a few pictures of CEO types clustering around looking pleased and important. Has anyone else been followed by this mob? Weird …

Gone a bit quiet...

Sorry RB people, I’ve been a bit quiet lately, not commenting on all my buddies’ pics and not posting anything either. Bit bored actually, with RB and with photography in general. I haven’t cracked a killer shot myself lately, and I’ve lost a bit of interest. But I’ll press on … got a few good ones at the three day event here in Adelaide, and at the polo demonstration on the Friday night. So I’ll keep going … I’m looking, and appreciating, just not commenting.

Who's counting anyway?

I joined RedBubble in 2007 and I currently have over 300 pictures publicly visible. Within a couple of years of joining I had attracted over 10,000 views, and I would then regularly cull any low-scoring pics, setting a benchmark of 200 views and/or no favourites. I figured that if I couldn’t attract 200 looks, the picture clearly wasn’t worth it.

I have noticed in the last two years, and very specifically in the last 6 months, that my hit rate has dropped off dramatically, and these days I’m lucky if I score 50 views, even after months on RB and membership of multiple groups.

I like to kid myself that my photographic skills have actually improved over these last 6 years, when I signed up to RB as a rank amateur with a point-and-shoot and no idea at all.

If I analyse my v…

RB withdrawal

Hello Bubblers,

I’ve been off air for a couple of weeks, and missed a lot of stunning new work, it seems. My aging laptop finally turned up its toes (7 remarkable years of service) and when it died, it locked most of my recent pics inside (along with all my emails and email addresses … grrrr!). All data saved though – clever local chaps – and armed with a new laptop, and all my stuff back in the right place, I’m ready for business again!

Just back from a whirlwind trip to Bali, just 5 days there. The sunsets are everything they’re cracked up to be. We stayed in a very luxurious beachfront hotel, and I’m now totally ruined for real life – I keep expecting someone to tidy my room and bring me another Corona by the infinity pool!!

So, will star…

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