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some cool links via dendoo

Hi Hi,

well a few things have been going on. i got a job, it’s very busy and very demanding. my life may never be the same again.

some good things are happening with dendoo though and this is for those who don’t venture out the bubble too often.

- i have an awesome possible line up for the next monthly interview. i’m still looking for answers to this question. send me replies in that journal or in BM and you can be in a upcoming interview.

- i was interviewed by Ninunina!

- i tried out for curvy6. i didn’t make it but did i psych myself out? you tell me.

- every thursday on my blog i post amazing video finds. this video about life in japan, this awesome evolution video and a lovers quarrel are all results of my sleuthing.

- i love my dog

- Every Tuesday I get a little girly, what do you think about this ring?

- get to know me and other artists more closely by following us on twitter! you get to know these strangers behind the screen just a tad bit better.

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