Hi, I’m democracy and I like t-shirts and cool pictures and stuff. I thought I’d join Red Bubble for 3 reasons:

1) my 4 colour screen print carousel requires waaaay too much effort and time now I have a 1 year old baby in my life.

2) every time friends ask a) if I’m making t-shirts again or b) have I seen Red Bubble? the answer will be yes to both.

3) i like t-shirts and cool pictures and stuff.

  • Joined: August 2008


America makes history.... and pats itself on the back unitl its arms break

I hadn’t really planned on ever writing a journal entry here. However, given the politically skeptical nature of most of the stuff I post here, I thought what the hell… just this once. / OK, so America has made history, and the election of Obama is probably a good thing. America seems pretty proud of itself, and I guess that’s not such a bad thing either…. they’ve be…
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