I try to seek beauty, equilibrium and art. I do not fully understand those, but I do know beauty when I see it.

I have walked the earth in searching of ‘that’ thing. I don’t know what it is, but with every shot I make I feel I am a little closer. I can’t tell what I will find. I can only walk this road nobody ever built, and try to catch a glimpse of art and beauty in my shots.

Along the way, I had a simple revelation: I do not shot people and places. In fact, I am just shooting light, for light is the only thing which reveals all creation. I always seek the perfect light…

I try to be as impersonal as I can. To be stripped out of ego, and represent that which I shot, and be free of any touch that might spoil creation. When I manage to accomplish that, I feel that I am getting closer.

personal data:

I am from Romania. I am 29. I shot mostly nature photography, for stock comercial purpose, but now I try to re-adapt to a new level, and shot not just the beauty of the magick places I visit, but also to catch a glimpse of art and feeling.

Along the way, I experiment with drawing, vector graphics, photo-manipulations, and working with models.

I use Canon EOS 30D camera, with a 17-40mm L lens and few filters.

Your visits, comments, or favorites pics from my gallery encourages me and motivates me, and for that I thank to you all and I hope you will enjoy my works.


  • Age: 35
  • Joined: October 2009