It’s a tee. It’s a dress. It’s the new Graphic T-shirt Dress.

I am in the UK, Spalding at the moment and this week

I hope to get some awesome merchendise of my fav fandoms. This far I’ve bought 13 books. Omg, my mom is gonna kill me totally. TOTALLY.

It’s awesome in Spalding, loving the atmosphere, the house of my aunt, the houses of other people too, heh. It’s very pretty here. Bit sorry that it’s raining so much, but the mornings are quite sunny, actually.

I made a flight for the first time. And I was alone, tad bit scary and I was unsure that i would be ok, but it was ok. Was more than fine actually.

Maybe I’ll think of some new designs here too. It’s lots to get used to and I love how cheap everything’s here. That is the reason, I bought so many books. THEY WERE SO CHEAP, I couln’t resist myself.

Was in the carousels too, got my hair in my eyes and all that. Was fun.

Did i mention, that THERE’S AN ICE-CREAM MACHINE DRIVING AROUND HERE?! I mean – really. Like in TV xD (or maybe it’s just unusual for me, but not for others?)

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