I'd love to see pics

I would love to see my t-shirt designs in real life! Just a few days ago a costumer was at a comic con and she wore my ‘Clotpole-Idiot’ t-shirt with Merlin’s knights and sent picture links.
You wouldn’t BELIEVE how much that made me happy, because I hadn’t even seen any of my designs in real life even once :T

Thank you for your attention! /ahh i love pictures, gonna print them and stick them to my wall/

New design comin' up

Guys. I am trying to work out a simple way to make an emblem of sorts (you ll find out later of what it is), but

can anyone tell me where is an easy tutorial for it?

Emblem would look alike something between these:

Something alike, but different at the same time… Am I even making sense here?

Just a reminder!

I just wanted to remind you guys, that the discount on the folder ‘Price down!’ in my portfolio will be active only till 16th of May. After that, all the prices to those t-shirts will return to their originals.

There could be another wave of discounts coming, if there will be expressed will for it.

So that’s it, guys. All’s in your own hands! Ask and you’ll be given.
Maybe. Hehe.

Btw England is awesome, thanks for asking (derp there wasn’t even any asks, but annnywayys).
You may think I’m crazy, but… I bought 13 books. ._.

I am in the UK, Spalding at the moment and this week

I hope to get some awesome merchendise of my fav fandoms. This far I’ve bought 13 books. Omg, my mom is gonna kill me totally. TOTALLY.

It’s awesome in Spalding, loving the atmosphere, the house of my aunt, the houses of other people too, heh. It’s very pretty here. Bit sorry that it’s raining so much, but the mornings are quite sunny, actually.

I made a flight for the first time. And I was alone, tad bit scary and I was unsure that i would be ok, but it was ok. Was more than fine actually.

Maybe I’ll think of some new designs here too. It’s lots to get used to and I love how cheap everything’s here. That is the reason, I bought so many books. THEY WERE SO CHEAP, I couln’t resist myself.

Was in the carousels too, got my hair in my eyes and a…

Ah jeez. Sometimes I suck at English grammar so much :C

Somebody just pointed out a spelling mistake in 2 of my designs. Ok. I can change it (and I did. It’s correct now).
But that is not the worst of it! It, the text, was right before I thought it was wrong and changed it to the wrong text!

Guh I feel idiotic. <_<

So… Some time ago I made a folder here and in it I put 4 designs of mine. Those designs I changed to VERY low price for a short period of time. They will stay 24.12$ till 16. of May. AND OMG I sold my first shirt yesterday. I am so happy. :D

Guys. GUYS. IF you see a grammar mistake in my text designs, PLEASE tell me? I don’t like feeling like an idiot all the time. Really. No kidding.


Some time ago I started watching Doctor Who and, damn, that made my brain do all sorts of timey wimey stuff, so I don’t remember anything in the right order.

But see now, now that I have stabilized the fact of owning a photoshop, today I made lots of shirt designs and two of them – even Doctor Who. Well, I like time can be rewritten one more than others. Heheh. Planning on making some Snoopy related ones too. Or one. Just one.

Jeez. I like Doctor Who. ;_; I am totally geekified by it.

Hey those who read this

I’ve been here for what <_<? for 2 months? Well. Not more than 2 months.
So far I’ve made 15 shirt designs in which few have doubles with colors differing. Nothing special actually. Nothing huge. Just things that I would like to see on my own t-shirts.

This far most proud of I’m of Assbutt. I love Supernatural and didn’t think that I would be able to make Castiels face as I meant to. But I DID! /yay me

Ahh so many views and no comments, no favs, no boughts, no nothing. :|
I guess I am just impatient. And I can’t buy photoshop. And. I don’t have my own comp, I guess if I had, I would make more designs. Cause I have lotsa ideas.

Jees. This journal entry is so boring and lame I can’t even… Next one’ll be more interesting, I promise.

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