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Eyy sup, dudes! Name is Sabine, but internet people know me as Dems or Demianite. My age is irrelevant. I’m young as heck.

I make t-shirt designs mostly on the stuff I like and what inspires me.

If you have any suggestions on how I could improve my designs or even have some ideas for me to make – mail me here!


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I'd love to see pics

I would love to see my t-shirt designs in real life! Just a few days ago a costumer was at a comic con and she wore my ‘Clotpole-Idiot’ t-shirt with Merlin’s knights and sent picture links. / You wouldn’t BELIEVE how much that made me happy, because I hadn’t even seen any of my designs in real life even once :T / Thank you for your attention! /ahh i love pictures, go…
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So that's it - discount on these shirts are closed and will return to their previous prices

These are the shirts returned to their previous prices (t.i. not as cheap as they were): / If you want any of these shirts to be as cheap as they were, you’ll have to tell me! / As to now, I am considering lowering other 4 shirts prices, but I am not sure yet.
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New design comin' up

Guys. I am trying to work out a simple way to make an emblem of sorts (you ll find out later of what it is), but / can anyone tell me where is an easy tutorial for it? / Emblem would look alike something between these: / Something alike, but different at the same time… Am I even making sense here?
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Just a reminder!

I just wanted to remind you guys, that the discount on the folder ‘Price down!’ in my portfolio will be active only till 16th of May. After that, all the prices to those t-shirts will return to their originals. / There could be another wave of discounts coming, if there will be expressed will for it. / So that’s it, guys. All’s in your own hands! Ask and you’ll be gi…
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