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If I Could be Red...part III

And it continues…

Freaks (is that PC?):

Theme: Gnomes

Theme: Trash the Dress

Theme: Alice in Wonderland

Theme: Dark Green

Theme: Hula (Hoop)

Theme: Hula (Dance)

Theme: Squares

Theme: Brown & Turquoise

Theme: Butterflies (they are in there somewhere!)

Theme: Dream Big

Dream Big:

Theme: Up & Down, To & Fro, Stop & Go, Fast & Slow

Theme: Yin & Yang featured

Theme: Flowers on gray

Theme: I love Bokeh

Theme: On the Edge

Theme: Eerily Beautiful

Theme: Giants

Theme: For the Love of the Sea

Theme: Octopuses

Theme: Paradise

Theme: Ice Kingdom

Theme: Seahorses


Theme: Fishermen

Theme: Halloween

Theme: Portraits featured

Theme: Off to the Races

Note: Off to the Races was partially selected. It was combined into a collaboration with A-M and Red. The final result is:

Theme: Seven Deadly Sins

Theme: Umbrellas

Theme: Happy Colors

Theme: Frustration

Theme: Calm Colors…Strong Images

Theme: In the Kitchen

Theme: Flying Machines (a la’ T’s)

Theme: November 11

Theme: Green to Red featured

Theme: Purple is all too often forgotten about…

Theme: Heads or Tails?

Theme: Alone

Theme: Dominoes!

Theme: Holding the Sun

Theme: Blue in the Face

Theme: On Stage

Theme: Fractalius featured

Theme: Knitting Fun

Theme: Pencil Drawings

Theme: Odd Collection of Blues

Theme: Follow the Leader (Collaboration Piece – I picked one image) featured

Theme: Little Red Riding Hood

Theme: Trains


  • JanBickerton
    JanBickertonalmost 5 years ago

    Congrats on having the Green to Red homepage featured. It looks stunning!

  • Thanks Jan!

    – CJ B

  • Emma Collins
    Emma Collinsover 4 years ago

    Gosh! Your collections are so beautifully put together, I can see why so many have been chosen to be featured :o)

  • Thanks Emma! What a kind thing to say! I love putting them together!

    – CJ B

  • Emma Collins
    Emma Collinsover 4 years ago

    Its my pleasure – some of my fave homepages have been your collections :o) I didn’t realise that you could put ideas forward – how did you start doing it and who do you submit ideas to – I would love to have a go!?

  • Emma, you can certainly give it a go! Here is the thread in the community forums where you can make your suggestions . The first post has some great info and links to resources to help you figure out the coding (it can be tricky at first)…and any of the regulars in the thread will be more than happy to help you as well!

    – CJ B

  • Emma Collins
    Emma Collinsover 4 years ago

    Oh that’s brilliant – thank you so much CJ, I can’t wait to have a go :o)