M passionate about Food, Art & Nature. Fibres and Filaments are my medium.
M presently ……….focusing on Photography !

I really would love FEEDBACK / comments !!
Constructive or pensive!
Thanks, D.

In these “interesting?” times…

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Chocolate Cake anyone?

Since D for desserts is an Alhabet Soup challenge @ the moment – and I love playing with LETTERS as well as NUMBERS!! & since I got only about 80 views yesterday… I thought some cake might entice MORE views so I can get this photo of 88888 ! ? / Only 421 views away! ###’s !!
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5 8's NOT 40 !

It’s back to school in Oz.Not for me, BUT………………………..As a teacher I used to say.. " PLAY – with your letters and numbers" / Today I am enjoying the www after being deprived? ( tho I Lived fine! ) of it for 30 hours or so over the Australia Day week end. At lunch today, interestingly enough, I had a lovely friend over th…
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Finally! Saaw Mr. Baxter in his Santa Suit las night , then this a.m. I was asking myself " WHY ? " Why haven’t I ever made a sale?! & NExt thing I remember I get a message saying I had sold 5 cards!!! WOW! Thanks! It made my day!
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Osho Tarot on Creativity

If there is ANYONE out there ? Nov. 6 or 7 th that would like to put words on this photo to enter a group challenge for NUTS & SEEDS…PLease let me know, asap! I WANT to learn Photoshop layering….DO I NEED to?! / Creativity / Creativity is the quality that you bring to the activity that you are doing. It is an attitude, an inner approach – how you look at things…. / No…
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