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Hi there :)
My name is Noel Villa aka Wholesome Noelsome.  
I was born in the Philippines and moved to the UK at a young age. 
I am currently living in East London.
I am self taught in most Arty things, drawing, painting and sometimes dabbling in collages using a mixture of medium. Since discovering this fantastic App (Hipstamatic) I have rediscovered that passion to express my own art with authenticity and personal expression – imperfect though it may be.

As an Artist my vision is to communicate the infinite beauty, mystery and wonder of creation through nature and abstract art by transforming a raw ordinary photograph into an inspiring one.
I started off just taking photos through boredom with my iPhone 4 and then one day BAAMMM!!!! I love the new world I was in.
Pictures taken from my travels, the unfamiliar streets where I find myself constantly stopping to take a picture and starting all over again with every visit. However, despite being a stranger in a big city that beguiles me. I can draw upon personal experiences and familiar lesson learnt to create THAT image that is not just personal but personable.
Thanks to all of you who have taken the time and viewing these images.

My book Forza Italia – Vespa has just been given the Staff Pick Badge. Its in the 1-20 of 1408 Books.


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