Riverdale, United States

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Welcome all,

​My name is Delonte Robinson, I’m from Washington D.C. Unlike drawing and design, I am not as intuitive and fancy with my words as i like to be. Bare with me.

The greatest thing about me is not my skills to draw, design, create. Rather my capacity to willfully put in my very life, time and soul into every pursuit to learn how to translate the aesthetic of our world, my mind to canvas. Its my capacity to study, to feel, to imagine how the piece and draw, design, ink, paint ILLUSTRATE the shit out of it. quite honestly its about the only thing i believe i could ever passionately succeed in, through out life.

other information:

The Art Institute of York Pennsylvania
Associate of Science in Graphic Design 2013

drawing for a total of 15+ years and growing.

works best with ink pens.

has 4 years+ training with adobe i\Illustrator, Photoshop & Indesign.

  • Age: 25
  • Joined: July 2010