Featured on the Red Bubble Homepage

I just checked my emails and got notice that my image “natural mystic” above is being featured on the Red Bubble homepage. I would have not expected it for this image, because the landscape is not unique. You could shoot such an image everywhere in the world. For this reason i used the Big Stopper and the late afternoon light too make it look more interesting and graphic, even zen like.
Exactly this must have been appealing to someone at Red Bubble. For me it is a good lesson to learn that another person can find a picture showworthy which i personally find ok but not super brilliant.
Thank you for that and to all who visit, comment and fav my images and show me your continuous support by doing so


Calendars 2017

Hi Folks,

Bernhard here and i just wanted to let you know i just finished creating a couple of calendars for 2017.
Since the last years calendar with the milky way was quite successful, i made a new one with new milky ways that i shot this year and some of the best of last year.

I also created some landscape calendars and one with monuments and sights from Austria.

I would be glad if you have a minute or two,

Cheers Bernhard

Airpower 16 - Europe´s biggest Airshow

Hi Folks, i am Bernhard and i am here to tell you that
I spent an exciting weekend at the Airpower 16, Europe´s biggest Airshow.

I made a little presentation of my best captures on my homepage. You can find the direct link here

This years Airpower featured the special appearance of the “Patrouille de France”. It is more than 20 years now that they flew their last display in Austria, and i was excited to see them here and have the possibility to compare them directly to the italian “Frecce Tricolori”.

This time i will also bring you closer to the action. I bought a spotter ticket that allowed me much better shooting opportunities than watching the show from the public viewing area. The public area is a no-flying zone, which means that

Sold a lightweight hoodie

Hi Folks, bernhard here and i am glad to tl tell you today that i sold a lightweight hoodie with my image kaboom above.

I hear you ask “a lightweight hoodie”? Yes, this was a surprise for me too, obviously we have a new product up on Red Bubble. I actually did not notice it – until i sold it hah ;-)

Anyway, i hope the buyer is happy with his choice and i want to express my gratefulness that he chose my image.


Sale of a samsung s7 galaxy case

I want to thank the anonymous buyer from Roseville, US and wish him a lot of nice memories with this image of my hometown. Unfortunately it is not possible through RB yet to respond directly to your note, but i hope you can read this journal.
Thank you for choosing my work!

Kind Regards


Homepage Feature

My image “Kaboom” was featured on the Red Bubble homepage on the 06th July 2016.

I was just wondering why this image which i uploaded 1 year ago received recent remarks when i read the email ;-)
I want to thank the editor who picked it. I hope the drawstring bag will be a big seller.


Plan where your light is - photopills

On one of my recent images “Dachstein on fire” you can see amazing light on top of the mountains.

Maybe some people will say now, “oh he was so lucky to have that beautiful light” or " you cannot plan this"

Today i am here to tell you that it is possible to plan exactly where the light is.

The solution is : Photo pills

Just go to their website here and you´ll be amazed

The app helps you to plan where the sun will shine. So if you want to place the sun at a certain place or you want to know where the sun will be when you are out on a certain day for a project, this app will help you determine the position an azimuth of the sun at a specific daytime and season. Photopills also helps you to plan your milkyway shots.

In simple words, it is awesome. I just started w

13 Sales notifications since being on found

I wanted to let you know that since i was on found 1 week ago i got 13 sales notifications.
The best selling item is stickers, followed by greeting cards and posters.

Just in case you are curious what benefit it brings to be on the RB Frontpage.

Cheers Bernhard

The barn is taking off

Hi Folks, Bernhard here again. It is only a few hours that i received the message that my image “the barn at the end of the universe” was on the homepage of Red Bubble.
Boom, only a few hours later i sold a poster of it. Obviously the homepage feature was not a bad thing ;-)
I wish the buyer a lot of fun with it, and of course my thanks go to the guy/girl who chose my image for the frontpage, very much appreciated!
Cheers Bernhard

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