New challenge win

I am proud to tell you that my image “Ornamental loop” above was voted the most popular entry in the challenge “Long and winding” in the group “shapes and patterns” with 7 votes.

My thanks go out to all who took their time to vote and clicked on my work, i am glad you liked this image!

Shooting the 7dMKII

Canon 7dMKII in Liveview.

The newly arrived 7dMKII is an amazing camera. According to Canon, it features 10 frames per second shooting speed, a great iso performance and a great image quality.
I wanted to test these specs in real life and went out to take some images. I was especially interested in how a crop camera would deal with high iso.

You will find the results on my flickr account here

The images taken with the 7d are all marked – 7dMKII.

General set up:
I shot in raw with a 7dII that i calibrated with a GretagMacBeth Colourchecker and the Adobe DNG profile editor ( My monitor was calibrated with the x-rite i1 display pro. After i openend the ima…

10 Tips - putting action into your stills

One blog that i love to follow is the one of Moose Peterson.

He is a photographer that is being published in over 143 magazines worldwide, is the author of 26 books including Photographic FUNdementals, Taking Flight and Captured and lecturing across the country.

He is also teaching classes on Scott Kelbys Kelby Video Training.

This is where i learned to know about him. I was preparing to go to an Airshow and wanted to bring my images to the next level. His video was fantastic, i learned a great deal and afterwards was able to pull off images like this here that i took during Flying Legends 2012 in Duxford.

For the start of the airshow season i recommend his blog about how to bring action into your still images which you can find here for free:

Recent SAle

I want to thank the person who bought this card showing a control panel in the Concorde exhibited at Duxford, UK. Thank you!

Founding Artist on Qruzzle

I am proud and glad to let you know that i was chosen a founding artist on the website of

qruzzle is a new concept of business cards using one image that defines you. In combination with a qr code on the back of the card you get access to all contact details. In short: YOUR ART IS YOUR BUSINESS CARD!

I want to thank christian wehbe, the mastermind behind this project for choosing some of my airplane images for his project. Thank you christian!

For those who want to learn more about qruzzle, please feel free to visit the website here

Cheers Bernhard

Don´t step on the photographer

Well guys, this is one of my favorite plane images, not because of the recent sales, but because i simply like it. It is one of those images that also hang on my wall, and i am very choosy about what comes on my walls, you can believe me.

The thing that is not so apparent but makes a lot of difference in this frame is that i was lying on the ground when i took this shot.

What is the difference to a shot from a standing position (which i also took) i hear you ask. The difference is that now the horizon is UNDER the wings. The normal shot from a standing position would leave the horizon above the wings, so that you have two horizontal lines. Lying on the ground, i managed to merge the line of the horizon with the line of the wings. There is no additional line above the wing.This makes the…

Another Sale

I really wonder if i should concentrate on cars and planes here on Red Bubble, since i made another sale of a car – the Mercedes AMG DTM 2012 i shot last year at an exhibition run in Graz. The only one who buys landscape prints and other stuff is me – but that´s ok, i consider this as a good start, ;-)
Anyway, i want to thank the buyer of this nice Poster and wish you a lot of fun looking at it when it hangs on your wall.

Cheers Bernhard