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Passion of Love, chapter 29"Kiss of the Golden Skies" FINIAL

“Passion of Love”
Chapter 29
“Kiss of the Golden Skies” rated G

Baytan stood tall and strong with his arms folded focusing his stare strait ahead determined to guard Logan against any thing he saw as a danger. Professor Charles Xavor understood that this was not just the act of a friend, but the act of a loyal dog. Baytan’s insistence to ‘guard’ Logan and his over protectiveness for Sasha raised concerns in Charles’s mind. It worried him because Baytan could miss understand so much and possibility act upon those misunderstandings, thus causing more harm than good for all involved. After all, what did he really know about this beast? It was a risk he couldn’t take. Against his better judgment to respect the privacy of others to their privet thoughts, Charles made the decision to enter Baytan’s mind and find out his motives for his own inner piece ., as he did so to his alarm he soon discover it wasn’t possible. Charles Xavor could not read Baytan’s mind, and he began to fully understand the fact that Baytan and his younger brother were indeed wolves. Just as Logan had said. “What we are dealing with here is not a wolf mutation to humans, but a highly intelligent, wolf! Incredible, simply incredible.” he thought to himself.

“Baytan, I need passage to Logan in order to help him. Would you kindly move aside so I may enter the infirmary?” Charle’s asked

Baytan stepped aside with out incident. “Remember this human, I will be standing just behind this door.” Baytan coldly warned.

Unknown to Charles, Baytan had good reason to guard the door. He wanted to make sure that what ever went on behind it was not going to be a repeat of what he and Logan had both been threw at the hands of people who wanted to help. His years with The Deliverer had taught him closed doors meant hidden agendas and cruel intentions that he himself not only committed under his Master’s command, but also received.

Again Charles felt uneasy with the possibilities of Baytan’s misunderstanding other’s intentions. He quickly devised a plan.

“Baytan.” Charles started. “It would be even more useful to Logan if you would come in with me. This way you can be by his side. Humans benefit greatly from the presents of their faithful companions.”

Baytan’s eyes widened and he turned his head towards Charles beginning to speak.

“Faithful companion? You speak as if I am his PET! You are mistaken human. I am not his companion. We are brothers.” Baytan explained taking Charles by surprise. He never thought his words would register in Baytan’s mind as something demeaning.

“My apologies Baytan, I meant no disrespect.” Charles spoke “It seems I have a lot to learn from you.” he finished

“Yes human.” Baytan started.

“You may call me Charles, if you don’t mind Baytan.” he requested.

“Agreed, human.” Baytan stated one last time with a smirk.

Charles rolled his wheel chair while Baytan pushed the door open, holding it open for him and then following behind as the door closed.

Baytan entered the infirmary looking it over with great concern. Everything was white with bits of shiny metal objects here and there. He followed Charles to Logan’s bed and
found him lying comfortably watching the news on the over head flat screen T.V.

“Hey bubdy! Logan smiled waving his hand for Baytan to come closer. “Decided to come in after all hah. Little weird here, but they know what their doing.” Logan smiled.

He studied Logan’s face closely taking notices of Logan’s eyes, which seemed bright and his spirits were lifted. Baytan walked closer to when something hit his head. “GRRRRR, what was that?” Baytan barked now rubbing the effected area.

“Careful there , you just knocked the flat screen, mind re adjusting it so I can finish watching the news?” Logan asked. Baytan did as he asked. "Mind sittin’ your big can down? Your ears are blocking my view bub. " Logan asked

“Can?” I carry no can, I do not understand." Baytan responded in confusion "Is this another one of those “jokes” you humans seem to enjoy so much?" he asked cocking his head with a glare.

Logan rolled his eyes, “Just sit down, you understand that don’t yeah?” he laughed

mmmf, Baytan puffed as he sat on the foot of Logan’s bed. “Are they treating you well brother? Let me know if they are not, and I’ll tare them to bits.” Baytan offered

“They wouldn’t treat me any other way friend. You aint gotta worry ’bout miss treatment around here.” Logan assured Baytan with a smile.

Baytan nodded his head in agreement at Logan’s words. “If you say it is so, I will respect them.” he added

“Deal” Logan smiled just as Scott walked into the curtained area. “How are you doing, hanging in there okay Logan?” he asked

He looked up at Scott, “Yeah, guess so, aint really got much else to do?” he grinned.

A male nurse walked in with a tray filled with instruments, bandages, cotton swabs, empty test tubes, syringes, and plastic bottles of fluids. “You’re Wolverine, right?” he asked with excitement

“Yep.” Logan said

“WOW I can’t wait to tell my girlfriend I meant you! It’s a real honor. I always wondered what you looked like under your mask. My name’s Mark.” he said extending his hand

Logan shook his hand, “This is my friend, Baytan.” he said as Mark and Baytan shook hands. “So you new here Mark?” Logan asked

“That obvious huh? This is my first year at the school. I’ve worked as a nurse before so when I came here they set me up with a job here.” he smiled

“Yeah, well, welcome to paradise boy.” Logan smiled “Do me a favor?” Logan asked

“If I can?” Mark responded

“Get my a stogie, I aint had a good stogie for a while. Sure could use one. How bout you Baytan, you want a stogie?” Logan asked

“Yes, I am hungry Logan, this ‘stogie’ sounds like a good idea.” Baytan answered

“Sorry guys, no stogies aloud,” Mark informed. But I can bring you both a sandwich. What would you like cheese or roast beef?"

“Beef!” Logan and Baytan said together

How about you Mr. Summers, interested in a sandwich? Mark inquired

“No, I’m good.” Scott said as he sat in the near by chair.

“Okay, as soon as I finish here, I’ll bring those sandwiches.” he smiled and started lifting the sheets to Logan’s bed. Logan was dressed in nothing but a hospital gown that tied in the back, his leg was left untouched and still wrapped in the torn jumpsuit fabric. By this time the flesh had gotten even more rotted and was spreading up his entire leg taking on a mummy like look.

“Okay Logan, let’s have a look at that wound,” Mark said reaching in his pocket to retrieve a pair of rubber gloves then put them on. He then began removing the cloth and gooie dead skin along with it. The smell was over welling to Baytan, and he covered his nose. “Smells worse than Master did.” he complained

“Yeah it’s pretty bad.” Mark agreed.

“Quit your belly acking and just get it over with!” Logan barked in irritation.

“I’m going to be collecting sample of this for the lab, then I’ll clean your leg and wrap it with fresh gauze. It’s going to hurt for a moment” Mark explained

“Don’t want to hear the hows of it, Quit your flappin’ your gums and do what you gotta do, Pain and me are old friends, I’ll deal with it, bub.” Logan said point blank

Mark collected all the needed samples and drew 6 tubes of blood with out a problem, the cleaning however was a different story. Logan clenched his teeth breathing hard and grabbed handfuls of mattress with Baytan calmly watching on.

“Burns like a son of a bitch!” Logan yelled

“Hang in there, we’re almost done,” Mark said as he began wrapping the leg. “I can get some cold packs for your leg if you like.” he offered

“Yeah, go get the packs boy.” Logan agreed trying to keep himself together, sweat now pouring down his face. When Mark returned with the packs Logan abruptly snatched them from his hands placing them in the affected area and the cooling packs started to provide some relief.

“You okay now Logan?” Mark asked concerned

“I’ll be alright, now how bout those sandwiches you promised?” he grinned

“Sure thing Logan, as soon as I drop these off to the lab, I’ll bring them here.” he replied

Mark returned to Logan’s room with a tray of two small sandwiches and two bottles of water.

Logan took one look at him and said "Are you kidding me boy?, “That aint even enough for a small bird. I’m in the middle of trying to heal here, don’t you know how much I have to eat to fuel this excerlerated healing factor of mine? You tell those bozos back there to serve it up right. Don’t make me have to get out of this bed and tell ’em myself!” he barked razing one eye brow.

Scott watched on with his head down and hands over his mouth trying to suppress his laughter. “Don’t worry about it Mark, I’ll take care of it. Mean while you two just sit tight and eat what’s there.” he smiled getting

After reading the lab reports, Charles had decided he needed to consult someone with more knowledge than he had on the subject of Biochemistry. Charles used his connections to called the head of “The Avengers”, a team Logan once worked with, to seek the help of Dr. William Barrette Foster, a well respected Biochemist. Charles picked up the phone and dialed the number he had. Not long after he finished explaining what had happened he was given another phone number and came in contact with Dr. Foster.

“Dr. Foster thank you so much for taking my call. Are you filmier with Logan aka Wolverine?” Charles asked

“I have heard of him, threw a mutual friend, Luke Cage, but I haven’t had the pleasure of ever meeting the man himself.” he admitted

“We are in need of your expertise Dr, Foster, Logan has fallen prey to The Deliverer. He was sent on a mission to kill him and he did so, but not with out becoming a victim himself. The Deliverer manage to attack Logan with a serum that blocks his mutant healing factor while causing the skin to rot at a fast rate.” Charles explained

“Rot, do you mean , break down and fall off ? Asked Dr, Foster

“Yes, it looks that way.” he acknowledge

“It sounds like a kind of venom Charles. The key would be to produce an anti venom, that’s the simple of it. I would have to come there and deal with this personally to create an antidote.” Dr. Foster stated

“We don’t have time to waist. Logan’s condition will be traveling threw his whole body and with out his healing factor, he won’t last past the remainder of the week.” Charles explained further

“I’ll take the next plain out to Westchester NY right away.” Dr. Foster offered

“No Need, I’m sending Scott Summers in The Black Bird tonight to bring you here.” Charles stated

“That will be fine, I’ll pack my bags as soon as we get off the phone.” He agreed

“Then let us end this conversation.” Charles said as the two hung up.

Professor Xavor then called for Scott and sent him on his way. As soon As Dr. Foster arrived he took charge of Logan’s samples and the serum in the gun then went to work to produce an antidote. After long hours and many failed attempts, he finial came up with one he thought would reverse the effect and allow Logan’s healing Factor to over ride the serum. Dr. Foster immediately tried it out on Logan and it failed. It was Charles’s sad duty to brake the news to Logan.

“Logan, Dr, Foster was unable to provide a counter serum for your condition. We will keep trying but time is running short. I am sorry my friend, we did our best.” he said with as the tears welled up in his eyes. “I’ll Leave you alone now,” he said turning his chair around a rolled back towards the lab.

“Do you wish me to leave you as well brother Logan?” Baytan respectfully asked

Logan took a deep breath, “It doesn’t matter either way Baytan, you may as well stay. I’m over 100 years old, I’ve lived a long life. It aint always been a good life, but I did what I could to make it better.” Logan spoke softly as long streams of moister ran down his face. “My biggest regret is I won’t be around to teach Sasha the things she’s going to need to know about herself as my daughter. Things like how to use her claws, control her temper, things the others don’t really understand about like the need to hunt…” he stopped and put his head in his hand quietly sobbing

“Do not worry yourself of such things in which you have no control over Logan, Your daughter has a good pack. They will teach her these things you speak of. I can teach her how to hunt, Sefferin and I know this well if she wishes to learn. " Baytan offered putting his hand on Logan’s shoulder in brotherhood. “Look at me brother, I give you my word, wolf to wolf.” he promised. Logan lifted his head and looked Baytan in the eyes he knew he spoke from the heart.

“Thank you Baytan, brother.” Logan smiled

Just as Charles rolled into the lab he was greeted by Dr,William Foster.

“I’m sorry Charles, I’ve done all I can do I’m afraid there just simply isn’t enough time.” Dr. Foster informed

“Yes, I was afraid of this.” Charles said with a heavy heart

“You know, there is another way. We could burn the effective flesh off his leg. The act of burning will kill the flesh and prevent the condition from spreading further. However, given Logan’s weaken condition we can’t risk putting him out, he will have to remain awake the entire operation. I’ve looked at his blood tests and the serum did not enter his bloodstream, my guess is it has something to do with those metal bones of his. Unlike Sabertooth who seemed to have had the condition spread much faster, Logan’s condition is slowed a little buying him more time, not much more but still a little is better than none, right?” he asked with a smile

“This is WONDERFUL knew Dr. Foster! Just wonderful!” Charles said in relief

“Yes, but there is a down fall. even when we clear the affective flesh away, we still have to deal with the possibility he could die of a massive infection if his healing factor does not kick in right away. We could be right back were we started.” Dr. Foster informed

“It’s a chance I am SURE Logan will have no problem taking.” he said with a smile as the two left the lab to deliver the good news.

“The hell with waiting around!”, Logan said after he and Baytan both heard the conversation. “Tell ’em I want this crap burned out now.”

Rising up, Baytan walked to the lab to deliver the message to Charles and Dr. Foster.
“Logan Said to burn the crap off, now, and don’t waist any time over thinking about it.” he barked

Dr. Foster’s eyes widened at the sight of Baytan, taken completely by surprise." Thank you, tell Logan we will be right in to carry forth with the operation." he directed. As Baytan left, Dr. Foster turned to Charles, “One of your students?”

“No, one of The Deliverer’s victims I’m afraid.” Charles informed while the two gathered what was needed to complete the task.

“Do you have a laser on hand by any chance Charles?” Dr. Foster asked

“Not one that will be able to burn as quickly and cleanly as we need I’m afraid. I will ask our weapon’s department, there may be a solution there we can adapt.” Charles suggested

Just as Charles was about to pick up the phone, Baytan again entered the lab. He walked to where Charles sat his wheelchair and handed him the holographic gun. Charles turned around accepting it and hung up the phone turning to face him.
“I think you will find this more than sufficient. It has a very accurate laser built in.” Baytan informed.

“Thank you Baytan, was this created by your Master’s?” He asked

“No. A man Named Forge built it for Logan to take on his mission,” he informed as he showed Both Dr. Foster and Charles how the gun worked.

Logan laid patiently in his bed preparing himself for the events to come.
“Logan, Charles started, this is Dr. William Foster. He is the one who has been working on your case and the one who will preform the operation. Given your weaken condition we will not be able to use any antastega, you will have to remain awake. Do you understand.” he asked

“Let me see here, I can either do this thing, or rot to death. What’s there to understand?Let’s get this over with!” he agreed.

“I will be assisting you with the pain Logan.” Charles added

“We’re going to need some strong restrains to keep him down and prevent those claws of his from taking a swipe at me during the operation, I don’t thing these bed sheet are going to do the trick. I won’t be able to tap into my powers and do this at the same time. We’re going to need some help on this.” Dr. Foster stated

Baytan walked over to where the William Foster stood thinking, casting his shadow over him. “I will hold him down, If I secure his arms and bend his wrist he wont be able to pop his claws, Master taught me that trick.” Baytan pointed out

“He can do it, he’s done it before, trust me!” Logan chucked with a smirk

Charles took his place at the head of the bed and placed his hand on each side of Logan’s head. “Now just relax and serenader your mind to me. Think the one place you want to be most in this world, and I shall take you there.”

Logan relaxed and let his control go to Charles, his trusted council and friend. He thought of the one place where he was the happiest, Japan in the arms of his love Lady Mariko Yashida, the one woman he would for ever carry in his heart. Charles enhanced the memories bring Logan further and further back into them. It was as if she was alive again and he enjoyed ever moment with her, loving her again, feeling her soft flesh, blissfully lost in his memories.

“We can start now Dr, Foster, he’s stabilized for. I will have to keep re stabilizing him as the pain comes. You may begging holding him down now Baytan.” Charles directed while Baytan walked behind him leaning over and grabbed Logan’s arms by his wrist and bent them, holding Logan down with his great strength.

“There still the matter of his feet Charles, from what I hear he’s pretty deadly with those kicks.” Said Dr, Foster

“I understand William,” Charles said as he mentally called for Peter Wisdom and Scott Summers. At Charlie’s request they promptly responded .

“Professor we’re here what do you need us to do?” Scott asked

“I need each of you to hold down Logan’s legs and keep them steady while Dr. Foster burns the rotting flesh away. We need him to be as still as possible so this can be done quickly, understand?” he asked

“Da, is no problem.” Peter responded as he and Scott each held down one of Logan’s legs, Peter taking the effect one.

“Okay we’re good to go, let’s do this thing. "Dr. Foster said as he added a cap that faired the laser out to a fan like beam. "Just a little thing I tossed together, " he smiled and aimed the gun at the top of the leg then turned it on and swept it down as his burned the entire side of Logan’s leg right down to the silver bone that was now shining threw as Logan screamed in intense pain. He began to growl falling deeper and deeper into the pain that took his humanity away and set him him a berserker rage which he was so famous for doing during hard battles. Charles tried to bring him back inside his mind but he was loosing him.
“He speaks wolf, I can not translate this to human words but the pain is indescribable.” Baytan added as he pressed harder

“Yes and so are his memories.” Charles said trying to redirect them from the weapon X project back to Japan just as Logan passed out. “This is for the best” he added it will give us a chance to regroup our efforts." Charles commented welcoming the break.

“Looks like I got all of the effected area, the rest is up to him. What a mess.” Dr, Foster commented

“I been threw worse.” Logan stated as he slowly came to his face again covered with sweat. “You can let go of me now guys, It burns but I’m okay. Thanks Doc.” Logan smiled as he cringed in pain.

“Let’s get the nurse in here to dress this wound” said Charles

“NURSE!” roared Baytan in a loud voice when all eyes suddenly fell upon him. “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself” Baytan explained as everyone laughed together.

Logan’s healing factor did return, healing him fully and he was back on his feet in just a few days. The first thing he did was spend a day with his daughter before he left back to Canada to Take Baytan back to his brother. Logan took a much earn vacation for himself, spending 2 weeks with the brothers, teaching them how to fit in with wolves as they ran free with the golden sun on their backs. He left Canada with the promise to return one day and visit them again.


Passion of Love, chapter 29"Kiss of the Golden Skies" FINIAL

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Artist's Description

This is the finial Chapter of :“Passion of Love” my first attempt to write a Novel like story. There are 29 chapters. My daughter will write a short epilogue latter.

Imaginative Skulls

For now I am DONE with writing and will begetting back to some art here soon. I’ll write again , later on. :) Pleas enjoy this BEAUTIFUL poem by Karin Taylor

“I carry you in my Heart

It’s gone. The moment was fleeting, but the memory lingers on. Like some misty form replayed on a flickering projector on a sea-grey day.

I can still taste the sweetness of that last mouthful of sushi balanced with the saltiness of your soul’s presence.

This happens every time the sun bows behind a cloud and for just a moment I am aware of reality, cold, hard truth and suspended in regret.

I miss you, you who were as warm a pleasure as the sun on my face and wish the cloud would dissipate…would let me go back. But you are gone and all the warm sunny days on earth will not bring you back to me. I will eternally miss your smile. I will always wonder what might have been.

Still, to have known you and to have been known by you, well, it’s worth all the pain of loss, you changed me… I have empathy and compassion because I witnessed you in pain… I have strength and courage, because I saw you fight battles… I have my own scars because I followed you into battle and we fought together… I would lay down my life for you in return for all you’ve given me…

Tho we know not the impact of a life on others…innocent eyes watch and emulate so we try to be the best we can, failing that is easy too, but it’s the striving that’s important.

For all those I have loved and lost… Some aspect of you lives on in me…I carry you in my heart.

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  • © Karin Taylor
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  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
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