Passion of Love, Chapter 28 "Loose Ends" G

“Passion of Love”
Chapter 28
“Loose Ends” rated G

As The Deliverer’s mangled half decayed body lied dead in the snow, Logan gazed upon it with heavy sorrow. Hank McCoy endeared to many, admired and respected by most for his incredible intelligence was dead. He was a mutant who’s mutation exelerated due to his first attempts of trying to reverse his own mutation. He ended up looking not that much different than Baytan. Logan knew him as Beast. They worked side by side and became very close friends. Before the White Wars ever started, Hank and Logan fought together as XMen against the world. The both believed in the cause, that one day humans and mutants would live in peace. Somewhere down the line Beast lost his way, and his faith. The last battle Logan remembered fighting with him was in the very begins of the White Wars. He had fought a good fight but never made it out, The team thought Hank McCoy died, and they left. They never knew of Hank;s plan to save mutants with a new serum. He never got a chance to do so before his serum was destroyed and he along with it. Tears ran down Logan’s face at the sight, the act he had no choice but to commit. He dear friend, one of the few people Logan ever trusted, turned into a monster. He wiped his eyes as he stared towards the skies taking a deep breath.
“Good Bye Hank, I’ll try to remember you as you once were, my friend,” He said as he bent down and pulled the gun from The Deliverer’s dead grasp. Logan headed back to the wolf brothers leaving the dead corps to the frozen ground behind him. When Logan returned he found The two brothers licking their wounds. They had fought a hard battle and won. Bayrtan decapitated his rival The Wolf Beast, and Safferin did what he loved best, he tore the last Dog Beast to bits.

“They are dead Logan, I believe your plastic bombs took care of the rest, And Master, is he also dead?, Baytan asked

“Yes Baytan, he’s gone.” Logan sadly replied

Saffron’s ears perked up at his words and he shouted in great joy, FREEDOM We are FREE, we can go live with the wolves now my brother, just like you always wanted! You were right!"

“Quiet yourself pup.” Baytan softly said walking closer to Logan. He could see the pain in his eyes, as he looked on he noted Logan’s leg. Baytan saw the gun in his hands. Putting two and two together Baytan understood…Logan had been hit. It sadden him greatly but he said nothing instead he waited for Logan to speak.

Looking up at the brothers he started. “Baytan, I have to go to Canada and pick up my daughter. Need to bring her back to my home, It’s also a school, she’s gonna need to be there to learn about who she is. The place where I got her now is where you and your brother can live with the wolves, free. I don’t know how much time I have left, but it looks like I won’t be around to help you fit in, or my daughter either for that matter. Once we get there you two can stay on, or come back to the school with me. I know some good folks who will accept you as one of them. It’s your call. We better get moving while I still have time.” he ended quietly

The island seem silent and even colder than it ever had before as Baytan and Sefferin followed Logan to the boat. The three walked along with out one word between them when Seffern broke the silence.

“What is that shiny thing in the snow? he asked bending down to pick it up.

“Let me see that pup.” Baytan said snatching it from Safferin’s hand.

“It looks like some sort of gun.” Baytan said pointing it to his side and pulling the trigger. Suddenly the two brothers began growling and barking. Logan turned around to see what the commotion was and started laughing.

“Calm down you two, they aint real!” he laughed harder, Seems you found my holographic gun! Good thing too, we could put this baby to good use getting you two to Canada!" Logan finished

“What is a holograph gun brother Logan?” Baytan asked

“Well, it something like a projector that spits out images fooling the viewer into thinking it ‘s something 3-D. It’s a trick. Here, hand it to me, I’ll show you how it works.” Logan finished

Baytan handed Logan the gun Forge had created for this mission. He showed the brothers how it worked and what it could do. “See, it even has a laser!” Logan went on as he fired it in demonstration. Baytan smiled in approval.

“This is a perfect gift to give for a mission such as this one, your friend must be as smart as Master was.” he ended

“Yep, Forge aint never been short of brain power, that’s for sure.” Logan agreed and slipped the gun in the pocket of his torn jumpsuit.

“The Boat is just ahead, over there by the water’s edge.” Baytan pointed. The three reached the boat and were on their way to the main lands, then to North Alberta Canada, near Peace River. It was nightfall when the boat arrived at the banks of the river. Everyone was tired and in need of rest.

“We’ll be camping here for the night, grab a spot to dream in, we leave sun up,” Logan directed Each found a soft section of the grass to bed down in, Saffern had just fallen asleep when Baytan asked a question.

“Logan is what you call daughter a pup of yours? he asked

Coming from anyone else, that remark would have cause their head to fly, but coming from Baytan, it was a natural question to ask, therefore Logan answered.

“Yeah, you could say she ’s my pup. We humans call our pups children. The girls are called daughters and the boys are called sons.” Logan explained

“So this daughter is your pup, I mean child. Why is she not with her mother? A good wolf mother would never leave her child, the instinct is too strong. father wolf would be killed for trying to take a pup from the mother. " Baytan inquired

Logan took a deep breath and sighed, “Well, Baytan, she wasn’t a good wolf mother. She had some problems after the birth, things she couldn’t help, things I couldn’t deal with. It’s different for humans than wolves, some aint got the instinct. I took off with Sasha, our daughter just before I was sent on the mission to kill your Master. My daughter didn’t want to be left behind so I took her with me to the Cree Nation Reserve deep in the woodlands, a safe place where the people live as one with nature.” Logan tried to explain as best he could.

Baytan thought about this and tried to understand what was said. “You are a good wolf father, you did what was best for your offspring.” he ended

A moment of silence between them, then Logan simply said ‘thank you’ as they fell asleep.

Just before sun rise Logan awoke and walked away from the brothers. he sat on the long soft grass fresh with dew.“Hey Chucky boy, you out there? Could really use your council ’bout now buddy.” Logan thought

“Logan? I am pleased you are Okay. I was beginning to wonder.” Charles came in

“Yeah, well about that Chuck, I anit exactly Okay? Got hit with a special cocktail made just for me, Same crap that killed Sabertooth. Rotted him so that his outsides matched his insides. It gets better too, The Deliverer, and hold on to your hat for this one… it was Beast, Hank McCoy. Damn near killed me just finding THAT out. Charles, truth be told, I’m done.” Logan said as he looked at his leg. The wound had not healed and was beginning to stink of rotting flesh.

“What a shock, Beast? One of my first students. I just can’t get over that.” Charles said

“You and me both” Logan added

“Logan you must return as soon as you can. Do you have the serum by any chance?” he asked with great concern

“Ya. I got the dart gun he used to shoot me with. Bringing it along.” Logan added

“See that you do, we may be able to find an antidote. It won’t be easy, I hope there is enough time!” he explained

“One more thing, I didn’t get back here alone. Brought along a couple of friends.” Logan informed

“Do bring them along Logan, you will need the help to bring Sasha home.” Charles added

“Yeah , these two, they aint human Chuck, they’re wolves. Well mostly wolves. Hank created them. They can walk and talk and they’re smart too. I wouldn’t have gotten this far if it wasn’t for the bigger one, Baytan.” Logan replayed

“Logan you know that is not a problem I will help them just the same as any other mutant. What happened to them wasn’t their fault.” Charles started

“Let me just stop you there Chuck, when I said they are wolves, I meant they ARE wolves. They were not created from humans, they were created from a wolf pup, Baytan to be exact. Hank found him as a pup and mixed his genes and then created his brother Sefferin in a lab. Sefferin doesn’t like humans. He wouldn’t be happy living with us. I doubt Baytan would either. I promised the two they could live with the wolf packs here. Thought I’d show them the ropes myself ,but now it seems they’re on their own. Anyway, If I do bring one to help me, I want him to be able to return here.” Logan requested

“You have my word Logan, we will honor your promise to the wolf brothers.” Charles agreed

“I gotta go wake them up Chuck so we can pick up Sasha, then I’ll head on home.” Logan finished.

“We will be ready when you arrive, Logan. Charles promised

Logan stood up and walked back to the sleeping brothers. He let out a loud dominate howl.
Both Baytan and Sefferin jumped up ready to fight. Logan chuckled at the sight.

“Relax knuckleheads, just calling in the troops.” Logan explained

“What is a knucklehead?” Baytan asked feeling insulted

“Sorry, a little joke.” Logan smiled

Baytan walked closer to Logan and stood directly infront of him looking down, shading him as if he were a big tree as Sefferin watch on in ready. “Mmmm I don’t think I like this thing called a joke.” Baytan warned.

“Okay, Okay, don’t get your panties in a knot bub, Let’s get going we still have a ways to go.” Logan said leading the way.

“grrrrrrr” Baytan grumbled under his breath as he and Sefferin followed behind Logan.

“What is a joke Baytan?” Asked Sefferin.

“I think it’s something humans say to make one feel silly, like the donkey’s mask Master had? Baytan added

“Logan thinks us fools?” Sefferin asked

“No! and quit harping’ on it, it aint nothing, just words to lighten the load. Get over it.” Logan barked

“Humans are strange.” Sefferin added.

“Yes, brother, we have much to learn.” Baytan commented

Logan stopped and bent down to his knees behind some greenery. “Get down you two and be quite, your gonna want to see this!”

Baytan and Sefferin did as Logan directed, They looked ahead in complete silence to see four wolves walking in a pack.

“Look, There they are Baytan, the ancestors. A real wolf pack, see ’em? Aint they a beautiful sight?” Logan asked putting his arm around Baytan’s neck.

“The anchient ones. Baytan whispered, They are indeed a beautiful sight.” Come Sefferin we shall join them." Baytan started

“No!, You aint ready yet Baytan, there is a lot to learn, and they won’t just let you in because you look like them. Trust me.” Logan said stopping them just in time.

“You are right Logan, we have much to learn yet.” Baytan reluctantly agreed as he sat back down.

“Brother, we know what to do, we have our instinct, we are ready,” Safferin demanded

“Quiet foolish pup, it is wiser to wait and learn, Master never taught us about the ancestors. Our instinct is not reliable.” Baytan stated

Logan was amazed at the extent of Baytan’s ability to reason, it was getting harder and harder to believe he wasn’t a human.

“Come on, we aint got the time to waist,” Logan reminded them continued.

Soon Logan saw on the horizon the wigwoms of Chief Silver Stream’s nation, the Cree.
When the Chief arrived to greet them, he was quit taken back by Baytan and Safferin.
“This is like a vision coming to life, I am truly honored to meet you both.” he said “Come , Wild Rose will be very happy to see her father again my friend.” he addressed Logan

“It’s good to see you again Okimahkan.” Logan replied as he and Chief Silver stream hugged.

“Little Rabbit is bringing her to us” the Chief stated, his kind face smiled with joy.

Logan’s heart pounded with excitement at the thought of holding his baby daughter in his arms again.

“Baytan, they are not part of the wolf pack we saw back there. These are stinky humans!” Sefferin said in Baytan’s ear,

“They aint stinky humans Sefferin!, Forgive him chief, he aint been brought up with good manners.” Logan apologized

“Quite yourself Safferin, Logan knows them, I trust his judgment.” Baytan ordered

Just as they finished Little Rabbit appeared with Wild Rose in her arms.

“Sasha.” Logan said with tears in his eyes, reaching out his arms to receive her, his little Wild Rose. He closed his eyes and held his daughter tightly and close to him as possible. She looked different and could hold herself up. Her hair was even more curly and had grown outward. Logan kissed her little cheeks over and over as he smiled.

“This must be your child-pup Logan.” Baytan said

“Yeah this is her, Sasha. " Logan replied.

Both Baytan and Sefferins sniffed the child several times with Logan watching.

“Yes, she is yours she has that same sti… I mean human sent as you.” Safferein confirmed

“A lovely offspring Logan.” Baytan added

“Thanks buddy.” Logan smiled “Chief, I’d love to stay but I can’t, I have to get this little gal home and tie up some loose ends my friend , but before I go, I have one last favor to ask of you?” Logan said

“What is it my brother?” Chief Silver stream responded as he took the baby bag they prepared for Sasha and placed the strap on Logan’s strong shoulders.

“See my two friends here, The wolf brothers, they need to stay here , in the wild and learn about the wolf pack, their ancestors so they can live with them. Would you allow them to join your nation and live in peace?”

The chief looked at the brothers. His heart told him that they were indeed wolves and needed to be free, he knew enough about the white man to know they would never get what they needed trying to live among them so he agreed to Logan’s request.

“I’m Leaving in the morning to go home, I’m gonna need one of you to help me, " Logan stated

“I will go.” Baytan offered

“No brother. don’t go, Don’t leave me alone here.” Sefferen begged

“It is Okay, we will watch over you until your brother’s return. I give you my word brother wolf.” Chief Silver stream promised.

“Chief here is good for his word Safferin, you can bank on that.” Logan added

Baytan walked to Sefferin and placed his huge hand on his brother’s shoulder. “Do not be afraid Safferin, I will return to you as soon as I can.” Baytan promised

“HOW? How will you return Baytan, Logan will be dead! You won’t be able to return on your own!” he worried

“Is this true Logan my brother? are you dying?” Chief Silver Stream asked very concerned and saddened.

“Yeah Chief, it’s true. I got nailed with a serum that rots the flesh faster than I can heal it. I can’t make it home with out Baytan. Safferin, you aint gotta worry about your brother, my family will fly him back here to be with you as soon as he gets Sasha and me home. You have my word, wolf to wolf.” Logan promised

Safferin had his doubts. He thought for a moment. “You have fought side by side with us, you freed us from Master with no thought for yourself. I respect you Logan. I will trust your promise and judgment” Saffern agreed.

“Thank you Safferin, means a lot coming from you.” Logan said

“Logan, Brother…” Chief Silver stream started with a heavy heart

“I know old friend, I know.” he finished as the two embraced

The next morning Logan awoke with Sasha sleeping soundly on his chest. He smiled as he stroked her soft baby hair. Then he had the misfortune of looking at his leg, it was getting worse, flesh started to peal in small strips. He sat up Gently laying Sasha next to him with a kiss, and cut strips from his jump suit wrapping the wound.

“She is a sweet little human” Baytan said now sitting behind Logan

“Sheeeze Baytan, you gotta stop sneaking up on me like that!” the two laughed together.

“Let’s get going human, while we still have the time to enjoy the trip, Baytan grinned now standing.

Logan pick Sasha up in his arms and sat up, stretching out on hand to grab Baytan’s stretched out hand as he helped him to his feet. The travel went smoothly, Baytan wore the holographic gun the whole time. He had chosen a tall African – American male figure, one that could pass for a basketball player. Towards the end of the trip, just before they reached New York, NY Logan ’s leg became too painful to walk on. Baytan piggy-backed Logan and carried Sasha in his arms. Logan explained to him how to hail a taxi.

“Just wave your arm and shout “Taxi!” at the yellow car with the black check trim coming up." Logan instructed

Baytan was very confused all the cars looked alike to him ,and they were very loud and annoying to his sensitive ears. A cab drove passed them

“You didn’t wave buddy, we missed that one.” Logan commented

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what yellow is. They all look the same to me.” Baytan apologized as his anxiety was building.

Logan held onto Baytan feeling his emotions rise. It began to dawn on him, Baytan, like any other canine, was colored blind. “It’s Okay buddy, there’s another one coming up now, just wave your arm and say ‘Taxi’ like I told you. The car will stop and we will be on our way.” Logan assured

Baytan did as Logan instructed, the next cab stopped pulling to the side of the curb.

“Where to mac?” The cab driver asked

Logan climbed down Baytan’s back and hopped in view. The cabdriver’s reaction was more than irritating to both Baytan and Logan. “Keep it in check Baytan” Logan softly reminded

“We’re headin’ to Westchester,” Logan firmly told the driver

“Hop in.”he agreed.

“Good thing the dope didn’t ask about the bundle in Baytan’s arms, we aint got a car seat.” Logan said to himself in relief.

“So what happen to your clothing mac, been in a fight?” the cab driver asked

“Yeah, you might say that.” Logan answered.

“Did you win at least?” the driver chuckled

“Not really.” Logan stated

“Well, it happens mac, we can’t win them all. Maybe a few boxing lessons would help you out. My brother owns a gym not far from here, top shelf teachers too.” he said with pride.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Logan sarcastically said as he and Baytan rolled their eyes in annoyance.

The cab driver turned out to be a real motor mouth. He talked and talked as Logan, and Baytan grew more and more irritated. Finally Baytan couldn’t take the on slot of words on his ears any longer.

“SILENCE Human! I do not wish to hear the sound of you!” He barked in a loud deep voice and the cab drive abruptly stopped talking, shocked at Baytan’s reaction to the conversation. Tho Logan agreed , he feared the cabby could kick them out.

“You’ll have to excuse my friend here, we aint had our breakfast, you know how that is,” he joked trying to lighten the mood.

“Ya. sure thing mac, I get cranky as hell when I miss a meal.” He went on and on and on.

Baytan rolled his eyes and grit his teeth as Logan gave him a sharp nudge to the ribs with his elbow. “Hang in there, we’ll be out of here soon enough.” Logan whispered out of the side of his mouth.

Logan had the cab driver drop them off at the same gas station he used before. It was less than a mile away from the hidden school.

“Tab comes to $180.00 Americans mac.”

“Who is this ‘mac’ you keep talking to?” Baytan asked still irritated

“He aint from around here is he? " The cab driver asked Logan leaning out of his window and waving his thumb about

“If you only knew.” Logan said, now realizing they had a problem. He had no money.
“I aint got the doe,” quietly Logan said

Suddenly the nice cab driver wasn’t so nice as his mood shifted from overly friendly to over reaction.

“I can’t believe you two mooks! You aint got the DOE! Aint got it, or won’t pay it!. I sure didn’t have you two peg for mooches.” he spouted off.

Baytan sense his anger and stepped up to the car. "We don’t have this doe you want, we are sorry, be on your way human. " he barked motioning his hand.

“Listen mac, I aint…….” the cab driver started, then he was frozen in mid sentence as Baytan shut the holographic gun off, showing his true self, growling and spitting as he spoke .

I said BE ON YOUR WAY stinky human, while you still have a HEAD!" Baytan warned

That was enough for the cab driver and he sped off leaving a trail of smoke and tire tracks behind him.

Logan just shook his head and chuckled at the sight. “Come on buddy, let’s get going.”

Baytan carried him again on his back and walked to where Logan directed.
When they arrived at the Mansion, Logan found his friends waiting to welcome them.

“I’m Professor Charles Xavor, you must be Bayton, the one Logan spoke of.” Charles acknowledged extending his hand in friendship. Baytan looked at him uncertain as to what to do next.

“Shake hands with the professor, wolf. " directed Logan with a weaken chuckle.

Baytan did as Logan instructed and had his first handshake of friendship.

“You are most welcomed here Bayrtan I assure you.” he stated as Scott helped Logan off Baytan’s back and Emma took charge of Sasha who began to cry. Baytan growled at her at the sound of the cry.

“Easy big fella, She’s a friend, it’s OKay. " Logan explained.

“Then why did the child cry?” Baytan asked still concerned

“It’s a normal thing for baby humans Baytan, nothing to be alarmed about” Logan tried to assure him as he walked with Scott’s help.

“My names’s Emma Frost, this is Scott Summers, we’ve been friends with Logan for many years now.” Emma said.

“Scott, please take Logan to the infirmary where I will meet you later.” Professor said.

“You are the Master of this place?” Baytan asked

“Master, no, we have no Masters here Baytan, I am the most experienced one here, the one with the most knowledge, the creator of the cause if you will. More like a leader, The only thing I m am Master of is myself, my own abilities. I teach other to Master theirs’ as well. Do you understand?” professor asked

“Yes, you are one who helps others understand what they are able to do and teach them to control their abilities,” Baytan stated

“Yes, that is correct Baytan. Come, I have a room for you.” professor invited.

“I wish to stay with Logan and his daughter, I have no desire to be alone in this strange land.” Baytan stated point blank.

“Logan is in the infirmary being tested, he will be there for quite some time.” Professor informed Baytan

“Then I will stand guard!” Baytan informed

“It isn’t necessary… "professor added

“It IS to ME!” Baytan demanded followed by a deep growl

“Very well then, if that is your wish, then so be it.” professor agreed

Passion of Love, Chapter 28 "Loose Ends" G

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