Passion of Love, chapter 25 "POP Goes the Weasel" rated R

Passion of Love

Chapter 25
“POP Goes the Weasel” rated R

He bent down on one knee as he removed his backpack ,setting it down next to him. Opening the main compartment Logan peered inside and began taking innovatory.

“Let’s see here.” he he stated aloud now pulling out a fresh cigar from the small side pocket and lighting it with a wooden match. He inhaled a few puffs , then exhaling while he zipped the pocket and resumed his observation of supplies.

“Got the hologram gun, check”, he confirmed patting the gun that hung from his left side just under his coat.

Logan had lined the bottom of his back pack with 3 battery operated hot pads used on the bottom of tropical lizards’ cages which he picked up in an exotic animal supply store. These pads were designed to reach higher temperatures than an ordinary heating pad would. That was very important in order to keep the plastic explosives or putty explosives he was packing warm enough to retain their plasticity. 70 degrees is the lowest the putty could be before it would crumble in the extreme cold thus becoming less effective.

“150 pounds of C-4 aughta get their butts flying!” he laughed to himself.

C-4 is a composite explosive used by the US military containing 91 percent RDX and 9 percent nonexplosive plasticizers. Only a detonator, or blasting cap will set it off. It can be molded into any shape making a blast more effective to the desired effect needed.

“Good ole Cap, never lets me down. Got me the goods with out question. That’s what I like about him!” Logan grinned clenching his cigar tightly as he continued his checklist. "Detonator cord, couple of tins, adhesive tubes, wooden applicators, crimper, pliers, and M7 blasting caps. The M7 nonelectric blasting caps were stored away from all other explosives in a separate bag with a thick high impact shock absorbent lining on a belt outside of his coat. “Yep, looks like everything’s good to go.” he assured himself rising to his feet and tossing the large pack onto his back once again as he headed down the icy slope.

The compound was surprisingly smaller than he first thought, gray building with a flat black roof. There was no doubt in his mind that this was were the boxes were coming from.

“Think I have just enough to send this baby to the moon.” Logan grinned once again pressing forward.

Once he had reached the building, Logan set into action, planting the C-4 explosives and linking cords every 100 feet until he completely surrounded the entire compound with gray cylinder plops of putty. A freeze resistant adhesive was applied to each cylinder of putty with a wooden stick to assure it would stay in place after the putty’s cooled down. Just as Logan completed the task he heard a deep growling sound behind him and instantly popped his claws. He felt himself being grabbed by the ankles and hoisted into the air as he was swinging wildly at a big, hairy, black, wolf like creature who now dangled him safely at arm’s length while another lunged up snatching Logan’s backpack and ripped his coat and shirt off faster than he had time to think.

“Watch those claws fool!” the beast grunted out to the smaller in a gravely deep voice.

Growling and snorting the other replied “I KNOW! The master said so!” and he snapped a long leather whip with tags of sharp mettle that embedded into Logan’s skin as it wrapped around him tightly, binding his arms to his side. Each time Logan took a breath the smaller beast pulled harder on the whip, causing the metal bits to dig deeper into Logan’s flesh as he struggled in vain.

“That whip is embedded with antamatiam MUTANT! Each metal tip has a special toxin created just for YOU! A gift from the master FOOL! Your struggling will only speed up the poison’s travel.” the first beast barked spitting a growling as he spoke.

“Yeah, Stinky HUMAN! We have been preparing for YOU!” smirked the smaller beast as he pulled even harder on the whip.

“Quite fool! You’re keeping the master waiting with your stupidity!” the first barked and spit.

“MY stupidity? If this so called ’wolf ’is as bad as the master said then why do we not weaken him! I say tare him to BITS!” he said smiling and drooling at the thought.

Suddenly a massive black hand with razor claws was swiped before his brotheren’s eyes as his right ear dropped to the ground with a splat as a crimson colored liquid se-rounded it.

“YELP!” he whimpered.

“YOU do NOTHING as ordered. We bring him to MASTER as ordered, or I’ll tear YOU to pieces and feed you to the penguins! Now, shut up and hold that whip tight foolish pup!” he growled

“ye, ye, Yes my brother.” he agreed with his head down in subordination As the two walked to the compound with their prize.

Logan could do nothing at this point. The toxin was taking effect and he closed his eyes falling into a deep sleep like state. As long has to toxic spikes remain in Logan’s skin the poison would keep being re introduced each time his body rejected it. At lest until he was presented to their master.

“He’s out brother, hold that whip tighter till we delver him to Master. We don’t want to take any chances while we have the upper hand.” the first beast ordered

“Can we just drag him? It would be easier than holding him out like that. He is heavy!” stated the smaller beast.

“Yes, he is, but master said the toxin works best when the victim is upside down, so he stays upside down, understand pup?’ he asked

“Yes, my brother. Yes.” the younger agreed as his right ear regenerated it self.

The three embarked upon the entry door setting off a sensor that automatically opened it as they walked in. The two beasts’ feet hitting the hard, gray, cold marble floor created a’ tick -tick’ sound as their toenails came in contact with the polished stone.

Wolverine’s eyes opened and slowly began to focus. He found himself seated in a simple wooden chair with his arms behind his back. “What the heck is this crap?” Logan asked himself as he tried to move his wrist finding them securely restrained with thick chain in the bent position. “Grrrrrrr somebody here knows their stuff, they know I can’t pop my claws with my wrist BENT! Who the hell is this guy?” he growled another low growl as he looked around the sterol silver- gray room. How he hated laboratories, doctor’s offices, clinics, and infirmaries. Logan had been trapped, held captive, and experimented on against his will many times in his past, now here it was happened to him yet again. “How the HELL did I not smell those two?” he scolded himself with a scowl. As Wolverine pondered his predicament, The Deliverer was gleaming with the joy of a privileged child on Christmas morn at the very thought of how much fun he was going to have.

Passion of Love, chapter 25 "POP Goes the Weasel" rated R

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this was very hard to research because I had to read a military explosive manual to learn about the explosives. If I got anything out of sorts and you as a reader KNOW this PLEASE let me know as it was HARD for me to apply the information into the story.

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