Passion of Love, Chapter 22"Embracing the White Wolf" rated R

“Passion of Love”
chapter 22
“Embracing the White Wolf” rated R

Logan stood solid looking down at the sight of red liquid now pooling around his boots. He retracted his claws swiftly swishing his hands as the blood of the dead man’s lifeless body flew from them. Taking a deep breath he turned around to exit the room when he stopped at the sound of her voice. She spoke broken English in a thick German accent.

“You are not going to just leave this to me, are you? You kill him, they will think I did this thing. they kill me!” She stated as her voice cracked and quivered.

“Not my problem doll. You should learn how to keep better company, then these things wouldn’t happen.” he calmly said as he walked out the door.

Please, you don’t understand what kind of ruthless people these are! They will find out. and come after you, and KILL me. There is no safe place from them. Please don’t leave me to the wolves." She begged, calling after him.

Logan rolled his eyes as he walked and puffed in annoyance stopping once again and turned to face the desperate woman.

“Do I strike you as the type of guy who is worried about any of those idiots you call ruthless? You made your bed when you decided to bunk in with that Hitler want-to-be. Like I said lady, you aint my problem. Now get the hell out of my face.” he finished talking threw his teeth.

“I can help you. I can, I know more than Hacker had tell you. I know about where the Deliver is. I know because I was with him when he talked to Barton Frankfort on the phone the night before we come here. You help me get far away from here, far and safe, and I will tell you what he said.” she bargained

“Why should I believe you lady?” Logan growled

“Why would I lie? I have nothing to gain. If I stay here I die, I’m the one what needs you.” she continued

“Get dressed. and let me just warn you one time, you lie to me or try to set me up in any way, and I promise you, what ever you think they would do to you will seem like a pink birthday party compared to what your gonna get from me!” he warned.

“Understood.” she said gratefully as she quickly returned to the room to retrieve her clothing.

“Damn stupid BRAUD!” he thought to himself "Now I have to deal with lugging her ass God knows where! Shit. this better be worth the extra bullshit. " Logan thought to himself as he let out a low growl.

The sound of the silver and black motor bike roared like a lion during mating season as her long blonde hair captured the wind behind them. She held onto his waist as tightly as she could, red fingernails now digging deep into his black leather jacket.
Logan stared focused on the road ahead. One thought ran threw his mind, get to Berlin, get the info, and get rid of the skirt.

“Make a left, we see my mama’s house soon.” She directed

Logan turned left and drove up the driveway of a quaint red brick home with a black iron fence around it. He parked the bike at the curb and they both got off when Logan heard the clicking sound of a cocked gun and felt the barrel press against his upper back.

“Now who ever you are, assassin, you go and don’t turn back or I make you wish you did.” she threatened pressing the barrel harder into his back.

“I aint going anywhere lady, till you keep your end of the bargain and give me the information you said you had.” he stated in a matter of fact voice

“Hahahahahah, she quietly laughed. You fool, I have no such information, I tell you this so you take me here, even if I had information… I never tell a sub human like you about anything! Barton Frankfort is my brother and you are a dead man for what you do to Hacker, ugly mutant scum! She screeched and pulled the trigger sending the 45 bullet straight threw Logan’s body. he dropped to the ground and laid still as the woman smiled in satisfaction kicking him hard before re placing the gun into her purse she held under her coat. She then calmly walked towards the front door of the house. Just as her black patten leather high heal shoe touched the first step…her arm was snatched and she was pulled back with a mighty yank in tangled in a muscular grip, She gasped as a heavy hand tightly wrapped around her mouth pulling her head downward.

“You really are a STUPID braud, aint you?” he spoke softly in her ear. I warned you, didn’t I?" Logan reminded as he popped his claws on his free hand, sticking them thew her lower back and ripping upward to the full length as he released her body letting it fall to the ground with a thump. Bending down he spoke the last words she ever heard.

“It didn’t have to end this way darling, all you had to do was play nice. Guess that was too much to ask from YOUR kind. It always is.” he informed.

She tried to speak threw her now blood filled mouth, spitting it in his face when Logan snatched a handful of hair pulling her head up just enough….to quickly sever it, dropping it where she laid. As he stood up again wiping his face with his hands, he looked over her speaking under his breath, “Damn waist of life…every one of these cock roaches. Damn sorry waist of life.”

Logan stood at the foot of the steps thinking to himself about who was really inside that house as he took in the air deeply thew his nostrils analyzing every particle. His sharp ears picked up a conversation between two men as one spoke on the phone collecting orders.

“Let us not waist anymore time, my dear Mr. Frankfort. Hacker was hunted down by a wolf! I can assure you one thing, this wolf, if he is who I think he is, he isn’t going to stop with Hacker. You better get the holy brothers gathered on this, because you my friend will need an army of at least 100 to even come close to this killer.” he voice on the phone informed.

Logan tried to focus in on the voice, but he had no recognition what so ever as to whom it could have been that seemed to possibly know of him.

“No need to be alarmed. I always told you that Hacker was a sloppy weaslly cry baby, The only reason I didn’t kill him myself was because of my sister! For some reason Nagal has affection for this weasel who can’t even be true to his wife!” Barton said with conviction

“And you tell me, no need to be alarmed, Barton? It is THAT very reason that I AM alarmed. The weasel cry baby as you put it most likely has told all that he knew to the WOLF. Let me explain something to you. This wolf is a mutant…” the voice started

“Sir, with all respect, a mutant has NO CHANCE among US. I will simply poison him like the rest.” Barton started in arrogance

“Don’t you ever interrupt me again Mr. Frankfort…EVER! NOT while I am doing God’s work! This mutant is not like the rest and I have not completed my formula to combat such an encounter. The poisons we have now will not stop him. He will hunt you down until you are as dead as Hacker. I can NOT afford to loose you at this time. With Hacker gone, you will have to assume his passed responsibilities as well as your current ones. Is that understood?” the voice asked

“Yes my Master. I will not fail you. As soon as I speak with Nagal, we will know more about this wolf you speak of.” Barton stated with all confidence

“That is IF she is even alive my friend.” the voice added

“Of course she is my Lord. Nagal is a crafty woman she knows how to survive with any man. I have no doubt of this fact.” he assured

Upon hearing this, Logan looked down once again at the dead carcass now in a pool of her own blood. “Crafty, he says? Huh, not from where I’m standing.” he mocked as he stepped over the body and walked up the steps. "Better get this done fast, don’t want that Barton asshole calling up his buddies before I have a chance to get what I came for. " Logan thought to himself as a plan of attack now formulated in his mind. He looked the porch over and noted there were two support pillars holding up an awning above the door. His plan was to ring the door bell then climb up the pillar to perch on top of the small roof, Barton Frankfort will then answer the door see Nagal’s bloody body and be primed for an attack. Logan then would jump down on top of him beating him to a pulp until he gave up the information needed. As Barton Frankfort ended his conversation, he heard the doorbell ring. Convinced it was his sister Nagal, he briskly walked to answer it with great enthusiasm. Barton opened the door and saw his sister’s body mangled and beheaded. he dropped to his knees holding his head with both hands, tears burst out of his eyes the same time he screamed “NOOOOOOOO!!” Trying to catch his breath, he stared in disbelief. “What monster did this!? What evil creation by the hand of Satan himself…did THIS!?” he shouted and found himself face first flat into the cement as a heavy hand pushed his neck further into the cold concrete.

“I know who you are. WOLF!” You will get NOTHING out of me child of Lucifer!" Barton said, his sound muffled as he spoke.

“You know who I am? Bullshit! You aint got a damn clue who I am!” Logan informed while he pressed even harder, tearing the soft flesh of Barton’s face into the rough texture of the porch.

“You have it backwards bub! I aint a child of Lucifer…YOU ARE! you and your whole organization are his children. I’m here to stop you, anyway I can, by any means necessary! Logan jerked Barton’s head up to face him eye to eye,, “I’ll tell you who I am, I’m your worst nightmare. I was sent here to take out the Deliverer, your master! And that’s just what I aim on doing. I’m going to give you a choice, which is more than you gave those innocent people you and your cronies offed just for being born different! Tell me where the Deliverer is…” Logan demanded as he was cut off

“Or what!, You’ll KILL me!. Go ahead! I know to whom I will go, I have no fear of you, nothing you can do will ever make me tell. I’m not a pussy like Hacker was or you for that matter! What kind of MAN does what you did to my sister, ANIMAL?!” he shouted.

Animal. That word. It rang threw Logan’s mind with a deep stab. All of his life he had been called an animal. As hard as he tried not to let it effect him, not to let it dictate who he was, it somehow did, despite his efforts. This was the very reason why Logan never wanted to go on this mission, why he never wanted anyone to ever need him in this way that they would have to ask him to do what he is now doing. He was born this way, exploited over the last century to bring out the beast in him, to serve the greedy needs and lustful wants of others. But it was different this time. Now he was in charge of his “animal” and it was needed. He can do what no other can, what had to be done. There was no other choice and no turning back. Logan had embraced the White Wolf, his true spirit. With out a second thought he twisted Barton’s neck with a quick jerking motion, breaking it and killing him on the spot. With the information he acquired from Hacker and the cell phone he took from Barton Frankfort, Logan had more than enough knowledge to start tracking down the Deliverer.

Passion of Love, Chapter 22"Embracing the White Wolf" rated R

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The White Wolf is from a vision in Chapter 12, The Visions of my Brother

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