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Passion of Love , Chapter 21"Black Blood Flows Red." rated R

“Passion of Love”
Chapter 21
“Black Blood Flows Red.” rated R

“Been gunning it like a maniac for 2 days now, finally I reach Borken. Bout damn time too.” Logan chuckles to himself. “Now where is that hotel Frosty said this Hacker fag brings his mistresses?’ he asked looking for the Hotel’s address, 278, Aint getting any where like this. Need some details”. he grumbled pulling over to the side of the road, removing a hand full of maps from the trunk. “Okay let’s see here, France, Italy, Here we are, Germany! And oh look, one for West Germany. Now we’re cooking.” Logan smiled opening the map. Once he located what he needed he re-folded the map, replacing it along with the others and headed to the hotel. “This looks about right, an over priced place I have no interest in.” he muttered under his breath, dismounting his motor bike. He walked with a confidant swagger to the entrance of the Hotel-Restaurant Haus Waldesruh as he looked it over. "Pretty fancy place, hell it better be at three hundred smackers a damn night!’ he stated rolling his eyes, the words smoldering from the corner of his mouth like a kettle of boiling water in a cold room. Once settled in Logan discovered there was to be no smoking in the rooms at all, He decided to make a visit to a local pub, the ‘Old Broken Cross’. “Can you believe that? Three Ben Franklins, and I can’t smoke in the damn room. grrrrr, gonna be a long night.” he complained heading out the door, placing the hologram gun in his front pocket. “Let’s test this baby out.” he grinned patting it.

In a dark lonely corner of the pub sat a young, beautiful blonde woman wearing a slinky red dress. She seemed to be watching everyone almost as if she was expecting to find a long lost friend whom she hadn’t seen in years. Her big blue eyes sparkled across the room and caught the attention of a well built man with dark hair dressed in an expensive suit who was now walking towards her, drink in hand.

“Buy you a drink gorges?’ he smiled sitting close. A little too close.

“Back off buddy, I’m fine with the one I’ve got.” she stated pulling out a cigar lighting it with a match.

“Cigar smoker hah?’ the man asked with a wide grin of approval, yet a little surprised and orders two beers.

The woman looked her suitor over with a sneer, “You aint my type. Take a walk.” she said sucking the cigar hard and exhaling the smoke rudely in his general direction.

“Bitch,” he said under his breath, ’ I’m a…" before he could finish his sentence the man felt a grip surrounding his neck that made his eyes water as he gagged, gasping for air, unable to speak. When the young lady explained further , he suddenly felt something was desperately wrong.

“You don’t hear so good do you mister? I said back off, and I meant back off. In case you aint heard me right, let me give you one more chance to understand just were I’m coming from… back off or I’ll bust you up so bad your own mother won’t recognize you. That clear enough for you bub!” She finished with a growl, slamming his forehead onto the table with a force very unbecoming of a lady. her suitor now laid flat on the floor with a gaggle of gawking on-lookers in shock at his predicament.

“What?” she stated addressing the concerned crowd, “I warned him, Not my fault his ears are painted on.” she explained tossing her drink to the back of her throat with a gulp followed by a loud belch. The men in the establishment found her behavior crude and some began to hiss and whisper in the background. “Don’t you people believe in equal rights around here?” the woman asked with a sinister grin as she got up from her seat and headed outside of the pub snatching a full beer bottle from the table.

“hahhahhahha” Soft laughter emanated from the blonde maiden. "Oh I’m gonna have to get Forge a real special gift for this one! HA! she grinned and pulled out the projector gun from her side, turning off the holographic mode. “Slick idea packing in a babe or two in the mix. Gotta hand it to you on that one buddy. Nice extras too, didn’t even tell me about the voice converter! Good for a few laughs.” he stated smiling in satisfaction. “The things a dame can get away with never ceases to amaze me.” Logan thought as he reentered the pub… as himself.

“Okay so Frosty says he’s bound to show up here sometime this month. Aint gonna mess around here the whole freakin’ time. Bet there’s more than one worker in this joint that knows Andrew Johnson Hacker’s habits. Bet I’m gonna find out who real quick.” Logan promised himself as a young red head caught his eye. “And I’ll start the hunt first thing in the mourning, right after that little gal leaves my room.” he smiled wickedly and got up to walk in her direction.

The next mourning Logan awoke before the sun and found he was tangled in long silky red locks of hair as the stale sent of too much beer and sweat emanated from the sheets. He gently detached himself from the young girl’s curling grasp and sat on the edge of the bed stretching. “Woe. Need a shower.” he noted shaking his head as if it would remove the sent of last night’s hot passion from the air. After his shower Logan gathered his things and calmly left the room with out a sound. “Now for the really fun part. I get to play super snoop!” he thought heading to the manager’s office where he was sure they kept records of the guest. Logan arrived at the office door well before the posted hours indicated anyone else was due to get in. He popped one razor sharp claw and easily sliced threw the wood cutting around the lock as it fell with a ‘plunk’ onto the tightly woven carpet pile, then pushed the door open with little effort of his strong shoulder. He started straight away opening desk draws, file cabinet draws, and the wall closet, until he located the guest book. Swiftly flipping passed each page Logan soon noted that the bookings went back 12 months as he located the information he needed. “Looks like our Hacker is a man of habit , just as I expected a sneaking punk like him would be. Brings a gal here ever 3 weeks it seems. Finally I get a break, this is the third week, according to his pattern, he’s just about due for another visit.” he stated now closing the book as a wide smile curled up across his face in satisfaction. Later that evening as if he was cued by a director in a staged play, one Andrew Johnson Hacker, other wise known as simply ‘Hacker’, a tall, thin, blonde, middle- aged man with a bird-beaked face, arrived at the Hotel Haus Waldesruh with a young lady on his arm. Logan spotted the couple right away as he sat pretending to be interested in a hotel pamphlet in the check in lobby. His keen ears keyed into the conversation with great interest.

“Well I see you have changed hands sense my last visit.” Hacker spoke in a smug voice as his female companion stood in wait.

“You wish to check a room sir? the desk attendance asked

“Yes we do, And I’d like my usual room, Room 210 if you please” he replied as if he was ordering an expensive wine.

“Just fill this out, Mr. ah?’ the attendant inquired

“Hacker, just call me Hacker if you please.” he directed

“Yes right away Mr. Hacker, your room as been set aside. My apologies that our regular attendant is not here to assist you at this moment.” the desk attended stated recognizing the name.

“Just do a good job and don’t worry about it today.” Hacker stated as his clinging female companion smiled at him with great pride at the respect he seemed to demand.

Quietly sitting and absorbing all the information. Logan peered over the top of the pamphlet looking on. He chuckled silently to himself. “I almost feel sorry for this asshole, having ME on his tail…ALMOST that is” he finished his thought as his eyes narrowed, completely focused. “Sure gonna ruin his good time.” he ended setting the paper down on the near by chair, walking out just as the couple disappeared arm in arm from his sight.

“Such a nice hotel Andrew,” The woman commented with a sexy smile just before they entered the elevator.

“Yes, of course my pet, only the best for such a woman as yourself.” Hacker returned her smile as the two walked down the narrow hallway to his room.

Logan sat quietly alone at the table in the hotel’s restaurant ordering a stake dinner and a glass of red wine.

“Can’t believe the nerve of these people!” he thought smiling to the waitress as she jotted down his order. “Charging one hundred a twenty dollars for a plate of dead cow, when I can get a fresh kill that would taste better and last longer…for free.” he chuckled under his breath watching the waitress walk out of sight.

No sooner did the food hit the table when Logan found himself looking at an empty plate. He picked up his napkin and wiped his mouth clean and drank the last wash of wine from his fifth glass. Setting down the long stemmed goblet, Logan checked his wrist watch which now read 10pm. Getting up he pushed away from the table tossing his napkin onto it.

“Time to scatter the rats.” Logan said as he exited the restaurant and headed for the elevators.

Logan briskly walked down the hall of the second floor shattering the lights as he went till the darkness wrapped around him like a warm blanket. Before he even stood in front of room 210 the sounds of bad love making made the hairs in his ears curl in discuss. He cringed in embarrassment for the sorry male.

“Poor stupid broad, she’s putting on quite a show, but she anit getting one lick of a good time for her efforts. Don’t worry doll, I’m gonna end your misery here soon.” he laughed as he once again popped a sharp claw from the back of his hand, waiting for another fake orgasm scream, he pushed it threw the wood and cut out the lock silently opening the door.Logan stepped into the room surrounded by the stench of joined bodies nearly causing him to loose his expensive dinner. He walked as silent as a cat in the cover of the dark, seating himself in a confutable chair he pulled close to the bed. As the two carried on Logan didn’t know wether to laugh or feel sorry for the pathetic seen. He sat quietly pulling out his last stogey, striking a wooden match and lighting it as he puffed white smoke into the sticky air. A woman gasp of surprise echoed in his ears and he comely sat seated, staring menicivly as the cigar’s glow began to outline part of his face.

“What the HELL? Who the fuck are YOU?” Hacker stated now sitting up in his been with the sent of fear arising from both he and his lover’s body. The female pulled the top sheet from the bed and wrapped it around her sweaty nude form as she slinked away." Call security babe!" Hacker ordered out.
“Don’t bother toots.” Logan informed as he pulled out the gun and shot the telephone’s line cutting it clean with the laser, “Been meaning to test that out, works well don’t you think?” he smirked as the light of his cigar now reveal a sharp toothed wolf like grin. "Sit down " Logan barked, directing the woman with the gun as it just caught the red reflection of the cigar. “I got no beef with you darling, it’s your boyfriend here I’m after.” he stated.

“What do you want with me? Money, take it! Take everything.’ Hacker tried to bargain

“Got no use for your dirty money bub. I’m after something much more valuable. A lot of good people’s lives depend on me getting it. I aint got no intention of letting them down, so my advice to you, if your smart, which I doubt, is that you give me what I want. And you give it to me quick. Then I’ll be on my way. try to fake me out, well, let’s just say you and me are going to have a problem, and I think your girly friend over there will be scard for life.” Logan ended as a ‘snick’ sound filled the quiet room. Each blade capturing the dim moon light that snuck between the hotel’s curtains. Hacker’s stomach dropped as fear began to set in.

“I, I don’t know anything, I don’t have any information about anything.” he squirmed

“Funny, that’s not what I heard.” Logan replied moving in until he was face to face with the frightened man. Re- tracting his claws, Logan snatched a handful of Hacker’s dirty blonde hair, dragging him helplessly behind as he walked away from the bed, leaving the woman in mid scream. “Can it doll!” he warned and she tightly grabbed her mouth with both hands to muffle her sounds. The tip of Logan’s cowboy boot now met full contact with the thin frail man’s left ribs with enough force to cause the air from his lungs to abruptly exit, followed by a gasping cough.

“Honest, I don’t know…” Hacker tried

“Quit your belly acking punk! Listen up cause I am only going to ask you one time, Where is The Deliver, and where is the next package of poison gonna be opened?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Hacker lied.

“The hell you don’t. I know who you are.” Logan started pulling Hacker to his feet. “You’re Andrew Johnson Hacker, a member of the TOA! You and your boys kill mutants for kicks, don’t you punk!?” Logan asked shaking Hacker by his neck then throwing him with a loud SMACK against the wall where he laid half dazed.
Another kick to the side and logan squatted down to meet the deranged man eye to eye. He balled his fist and placed it just under Hacker’s jaw and popped two claws, one on each side of Hackers face. "Now you listen up boy, and you listen real good, you better start talking quick or this third claw of mine is going to find it’s way to that pea brain of yours! Then I’m gonna give that little gal over there the chance to be with a man who KNOWS how to work his equipment! He finished as the middle claw slowly touched the soft under part of Hacker’s jaw. As he felt the tip bite into his flesh, Hacker started to speak almost at the same time.

“Okay, Okay, I’ll talk.” he gulped, “I’ll tell you every thing I know, just please don’t kill me. PLEASE!” he begged as his voice trembled and his lip quivered.

“I’ll think about it, now start talking!” Logan coldly demanded

Logan patted his left breast pocket to turn on a small recording device as Hacker started to poor out all the information he knew about The Deliver, the TAO, and the dates of the designated of shipments.
As it turned out Andrew Hacker was one of the key leaders in the TAO, working directly under ‘’The Sons of Humanity’s’ top leader, the Deliverer’s main stooge, Barton Frankfort.

“Thanks for your cooperation bub, Logan said with a smile as he popped the third claw into Hacker’s brain killing him on the spot. Re-tracking his claws Logan explained. “Can’t afford to let you go running to Mr. Frankfort, now can I? Nope, can’t have a worthless piece of gutter trash like you gumming up my mission.” he finished as he rose to his feet ,Hacker’s limp body flopped on the floor, blood now rivering out from his wounds.

Passion of Love , Chapter 21"Black Blood Flows Red." rated R

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The story is starting to wind down. now And I am reaching the end hopefully soon. This is the first long Novel like work I have ever done and I am learning a lot in preparation my NON Fan Fic story!

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