Passion of Love ,chapter 18"Challenged Souls" PG

Passion of Love
Chapter 18
“Challenged Souls” PG

“Yeah, well, I’m going with you weather you like it or not.” Jubilee informed him tossing her bags over her shoulder and placing her hands on her hips.

“Now you listen to me, and you listen up real good! I said you aint going and that’s what I meant! YOU AINT GOING. Period!” Logan stated threw his teeth and pointing as he picked up his bag with a swift yank of the door back swinging it in her face.

She caught it with her hand “Hey! you almost pounded me with that damn door dude!”

“Whatever it takes little girl!” he barked now briskly walking down the hall.

“Whatever it takes? Whatever it TAKES? What the hell does that mean Logan!’ she demanded now trailing behind him

Logan stopped in mid stride and turned around to face her. “It means, NO Jubilee! THAT’S what. NO, pure and simple, so you can take your bags and that cute little fanny of yours and park ‘em back in that room ’cause aint no way in hell you’re going on this mission!” he yelled pointing in the direction of his bedroom.

“WHY! give me ONE good reason why!?” she demanded

“I’ll give you two! Reason one! Because I said so. And reason two…BECAUSE I SAID SO! End of discussion.” he answered and turned around to continue walking down the hall.

“You CAN’T tell me what to do! I can go on this mission Logan. I can handle it. I have the training, field experience and I’m no longer a mutant so that poison DNA grabber won’t work on me! Come ON Logan what are you afraid of you KNOW I can help! she informed struggling to keep pace with him.

“I don’t have time for this crap girly! You aint going and that’s that!” he barked yet again

“You give me ONE GOOD reason WHY! One reason and not because you said so either, because that’s not a reason it’s an order, I want a REAL reason, damn it!” she demanded now running and in front of him forcing him to face her.

Logan stopped and glared at her. He took a deep breath trying to control his temper. “You want a reason, OK, I’ll give you a reason. You aint got the skills OR the mind set for this mission. No one here does but me darling. In fact, this isn’t a mission at all, it’s an extermination and I can promise you on your life it is going to be UGLIER than anything you’ve ever seen. Let me spell it out for you real clear so we don’t have to go on with any more talk that’s a waist of MY time! I’m going out there to hunt this guy or guys down and rip them apart, and when I say ‘rip apart’ little girl. it AINT a figure of speech.” he informed her now popping all 6 of his 12 inch long claws. “I plan on getting a lot of blood and gore on these babies. I don’t need some wet behind the ears spoiled brat mall rat around to worry about! Is that clear enough for you?” he asked as he retracted his claws. “Now get out of my way and beat it.” he ordered moving her aside as he vigorously walked past her.

She stood firm watching him walk and proceeded to follow him despite his disapproval.
“He’s gonna need a partner and I KNOW I can help, besides I waited too long to be with him to let it all end like this. If he dies out there… he dies with me fighting by his side!” she swore with the conviction of a true warrior.

Scott Summers was awaken from a deep sleep by what he thought was an earthquake, as his eyes opened he saw clearly threw his infer red lenses that this was no earthquake.
“Oh No!” spilled quietly out of his mouth as he was now in the presence of a familiar yet unwanted entity. The Phoenix had return.

Hair of red fire and eyes black as coal she hovered above him and spoke in a demanding voice,

“Where is the child of the one called Wolverine and Jean Grey?”

“She’s safe, Logan went to get her and he will return with her as soon as the mission has been completed.” Scott answered as calmly as he could

“I want MY child! You understand me Scott Summers!” the Phoenix demanded

“The child isn’t yours, she belongs to Jean and Logan!’ Scott challenged

“Foolish BOY! To whom do you think you are speaking with? I AM JEAN GREY, now and forever. We are one, the offspring is MINE!” Phoenix informed

“Logan would never allow her to be raised by YOU! You’re NOT Jean, you stoled her body and that doesn’t make you HER! Scott screamed.

“Dear boy, I chose the one you call Logan. He has the power of regeneration, excelerated healing and prolong life. If my child must be half mortal, then HE is the perfect one to father her, do you understand?” Phoenix ask arrogantly

Just as she finished her statement the struggle had contuied as Jean’s body came crashing down face first and hit the bed with a flop. She sat up breathing hard, “Scott, don’t listen to her! Don’t believe her lies! Sasha is NOT her child she is Logan’s and mine, she wants Sasha for her self! DON’T tell her anything! Even if you THINK it’s me Don’t TELL!, I don’t know how long I can hold her back, it’s been brewing for so long, my strength is running out. Jubilee’s actions just made it harder to push Phoenix back. I NEED to see Charles!” She stated hanging her head in exhaustion

“Jean, Don’t give in! I’m here for you! I will never leave your side.” Scott informed

“Listen to me Scott, please, I know you would never give up on me, but you may have to let me go, I can’t let her win, She wants Sasha , wants to groom her to be just like herself. With Logan’s gifts, Sasha can live a long time. Phoenix can teach her how to be a god, But she’s evil Scott, she’s Dark Phoenix and she knows my mortal body won’t be able to house her forever. Each time we die, my spirit gets further and further away from her and this earth. One day I will be strong enough to choose if I return or not, then she will be with out me as her form of control, with out a host. She requires a strong mind to help her stay in control enough to live in a body and stay on this earth. That’s what she wants Sasha for. Charles and I together have the power to stop her at this stage. We must act before she fully takes over.” Jean explained

“How Jean?” Scott asked

“By combining our powers. He can lock my mind from myself , trapping me in a limbo state. Phoenix will also be trapped. This could force her to retreat back to where she came from, If that works the Charles can unlock my mind and I can return, If it fails, I may be stuck in a coma indefinitely.” Jean explained to Scott

“Jean NO, there’s got to be a different way you can’t…” he started

“I have to, if I don’t she grows stronger and I grow weaker. She will win I won’t be able to stop her from killing whom ever she sees fit to kill. I won’t be able to stop her from stealing Sasha’s LIFE! I CAN’T let that happen. I’m going to see Charles, today!” Jean finalized.

“That’s why you didn’t fight back when Jubilee hit you isn’t it?” Scott calmly asked

“Yes, to do so would have put her in danger and the anger I felt would have fueled Phoenix’s dark side even more. If she found out how I felt at that moment she would have killed Jubilee on the spot. I would have killed her Scott. Me.” she stated with a tear that raced down her face.

“How long have you been fighting her off Jean?” Scott asked

“I’m not sure Scott, I think it started after I got pregnant with Sasha, my emotions were out of control, I just kept focusing on you. In the past when she came I would focus on you and our love would give me strength to fight that much more.

“Did you even love Logan at all Jean? I just don’t understand why you focused on me and not him, I was dead.” Scott bluntly asked

Yes Scott I did and still do, but you and I are soul mates. Our past love, it was like a security blanket to me, and when I knew you were alive, I grabbed harder, my emotions were so full of confusion. stress of being pregnant, the feeling that she could be lurking around, it was too hard to deal with.With out real thought. I guess I just wanted to block the present out Scott. Do you understand that?" she asked with a softness in her voice.

“Yes I do, More than you know Jean.” I truly do. Scott replied

“I’m scared Scott, I’m scared. I can’t let my guard down, it’s got to be done tonight.”

“We’ll see Charles together Jean, You won’t be alone, I’ll be there by your side.” Scott assured her as he held her hand for what might be the very last time.

Meanwhile Logan had just reached the hanger where the small blue jet sat next to the Black Bird. He looked it over and started to place a cigar in his mouth when her words rang sharply in his ears.

“See Logan, you SO need me. I mean oh my God, you were about to smoke that cigar when you know damn good and well you have to fuel the jet up first! It’s like dude, who would have been here to stop you from blowing yourself up?” she laughed out loud.

Logan rolled his eyes as he asked in annoyance “Do you see a match or a lighter in my hands little girl?” he stated as he set his bags down.

“I thought I asked you to stop calling me “little girl” Logan. didn’t’ I prove to you last night and again this mourning that I’m NOT a little girl anymore, or do you need a refresher course to jog your memory?" she smugly asked with a cocked grin

“I don’t need a re fresher course Jubilee. I care a lot about you, you know that darling but what went on between you and I under the moon light stays in that room down the hall. You get me?’

“You mean when we made mad crazy love.” she said with a wild wicked smile as she moved in closer now kissing his cheek she reached her hand between his legs when it was snatch and pulled away by a force she had no chance of arguing with.

Logan held her hand tight with a grip of iron and looked her in both eyes with a scowl on his face. His eye narrowed as he told her words that made her feel like a king’s first class fool.

“I don’t like being touched uninvited little girl, and if that don’t suit you then I suggest you learn real quick how to act like a mature woman.” he finished releasing her hand. Logan turned his back to her and unlocked the fuel pump. She watched as her face turned beat red in humble humiliation.

“That was stupid!” she told herself. She took a deep breath and asked, " So. need any help with that?’

Logan didn’t say a word as he popped the cigar in his mouth and held it between his teeth pulling the fuel pump’s hose as far as it would go.

Jubilee walk closer and began pulling the hose as well. She held it while Logan opened the plane’s fuel entry and hooked the hose tightly to it. He gathered up his bags and opened the air craft tossing them inside. She gathered her bags and was about to tossed them into the plane when they were yanked from her hands.

“What in God’s name do you think you’re doing Jubilee?” Logan snapped

“I’m putting my bags in the plane what does it look like Logan?’ she stated trying to remove the bag from his hands.

“I told you, you ANIT going girl! What part of “aint” did you not comprehend?" he asked now feeling his temper begin to boil.

Jubilee faced him , she knew he was growing more and more angry with her, but her mind was made up and he wasn’t going to stop her.

“You don’t have the RIGHT Logan! You don’t, it’s my life and my choice! I have just as much right to fight for what I love as you do damn it! I don’t want to be that helpless little girl who sat at home and received a letter that the one man she ever really loved was killed in battle by some freak whack job scientist! I couldn’t live with that Logan, I won’t.” she screamed as she burst into tears.

His heart went out to her and he felt the pull of her love and held her closely. " You read those reports behind my back didn’t you darling?’ he softly asked.

“Yes! she confessed. You could die out there, that guy is…” she started

“I know what he is darling, that’s why I have to do this.” he told her as he kissed her cheek.

“I’m not letting you go out there alone to die, the others may not care but I do!” She stated with conviction holding him tightly to her.

He thought about her words and her feelings, it was her choice and he knew if he was in her place no one would be able to stop him for the same reasons. She had the right to fight for what she loved he realized and tossed her bags onto the plane.

“Jubilee dried her eyes and smiled. "You’re taking me with you?’ She asked with glee

“He sighed, “Don’t make me regret it little gir…. I mean woman!”

“Oh Logan, I love you! and you won’t!” she said with a kiss.

“Come on Jubs, you can do better than that.” he joked as he pulling her closer for a possessively passionate kiss.

Once the plane was fully fueled up and a few extra tanks a board the two climbed inside.
Logan sat in the pilot’s seat and Jubilee next to him. the plane had two back seats and a very small water closet. The back seats could fall back to form a small single bed if needed.

“Here’s the plan Jubs, sense you know how to fly, we will take turns flying this blue baby, that way we can each get a some shut eye on this trip. After last night, I aint really had a full night’s rest, a little shut eye would sure help”. he smiled “Oh and one more thing darling, this aint no romantic ron de vu we are going on. You keep your hands to your self on this trip, I’ll make it up to you later, you understand me?’ he asked point blank. And one more thing, if I say don’t do something, you DON’T do it, if I say …” he started and was interrupted

“Yeah Yah! I get it already, I don’t fart unless you say so! I got it! sheeze. She said rolling her eyes at him.

Logan chuckled aloud.

“What’s so funny you?” she teased

“Never mind. " he chuckled again

“Come on, give!’ she demanded pinching his side.

“Ouch, knock it off.” he laughed slapping her hand away.

“Well, what’s so funny?” she demanded

“The idea of Miss ‘prim and proper’ asking permission to fart, that’s what.” he busted out into laughter.

“Ha ha, like you never do that! she said with her arms folded slumping in her seat.

“Of course not, perfect people don’t fart! How uncouth of you.” he carried on as the two laughed even harder.

“Look darling, all kidding aside, I meant what I said, you don’t do anything unless I give the orders. I can’t a ford for this to get gummed up in anyway, too many lives depend on me, my daughter’s life for one. You understand?

Come on Logan, it’s not like I’m some stupid rookie here, I’ve been on MANY teams you know, I understand perfectly, stop worrying about non sense. trust me yeah fur ball," she grinned.

“Okay” he agreed with a nod, Buckle up sweetheart, " he ordered and started the engine.

Passion of Love ,chapter 18"Challenged Souls" PG

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This chapter was written in honor of my dear friend Martin. xoxox 2U my friend ;0)

PS: For those who know the Phoenix , this is not true to Marvel’s Dark Phoenix saga, but is my idea of her and what Jean would have to go threw with in my story.

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