Passion of Love Chapter 17 "Sparkles like Diamonds" rated R

Passion of Love
Chapter 17 rated R
“Sparkles like Diamonds”

As Scott and Jean Summers slumbered they were awaken by the sound of a howl.
“What the heck was THAT?” Scott snapped, now sitting up in his bed. “It sounded like a wolf! I don’t remember there ever being wolves around here do you Jean?.” he asked lost in confusion.

“It wasn’t a wolf Scott, well not the animal anyway.” she answered knowing fully well what the sound was and what it meant.

“Not a wolf? what do you mean not a wolf, because that sure in the hell sounded like a big wolf to me! if that wasn’t a wolf then what the hell was it?” Scott protested.

Jean placed her hand on Scott’s arm as she looked him in the eyes. “Scott honey, it was Logan.” she informed with a slight chuckle at Scott’s reaction.

“Logan?” Are you Joking? I have never heard him make that sound before!" he stated now even more in shock.

“Well, that’s because you’re NOT a woman Scott.” Jean said, now placing her hand over her mouth trying to suppress her giggle.

Scott sat baffled for a moment and scratched his head. “Not a woman? I don’t get it?” he replied

“Think about it Scott, or do I have to spell it out?” she asked still grinning

“Beats the hell out of me Jean, maybe you better just tell me, I’m lost here.” he conveyed

“It’s sex Scott. Do you get it now?” she asked looking at him with her head slightly cocked.

“Sex?’ Scott asked now trying to think about this further when it hit him. “Oh!! I get it. Oh my God! You’re kidding me?” he asked now in a full grin.

“NOPE” Jean popped out. as the two giggled quietly.

“And I’ll tell you another thing, he only would do that if she was REALLY giving it to him good.” Jean added with a smirk.

“You should know.” Scott smarted off not quite comfortable with the conversation.

“I thought we were passed that! I mean, Scott, you WERE missing for two whole years, we thought you were dead.” she reminded him

“I know, I know, I’m just not in the space to hear about the details.” he said rolling his eyes. "So who’s giving it to him anyway? Scott asked. Then it hit him when he saw the look in Jean’s face. “No. no way.” Scott stated in a mock disbelief.

“Yep, the one and only.” Jean informed

“Jubilation Lee!” the two stated in unity.

Holy COW! I guess it wasn’t a school girl crush all these years after all," Scott, said

“I guess not, she’s had it for him for a long while now, We all thought she’d get over it.” Jean pointed out.

“Well good for him, I’m glad he found someone to be with. Good for him, now maybe he won’t be so damn grumpy.” Scott joked fluffing his feather pillow to a comfortable pile and lying his head back down. As the pillow cradle him, he returned in sleep.

“yeah.” she timidly agreed now sitting up in the bed with her knees to her chest in thought. A warm wet stream ran down one side of her face. and flashes of herself and Logan danced threw her mind like an old fashion pitcher carousel. “Where yeah going Red?” she remembered him asking. “I thought I’d go make us breakfast, aren’t you hungry?” she heard herself say. He chuckled with a wolfy grin, “Yeah, REAL hungry” she saw him in her mind’s eye pulling her closely, kissing her possessively with a burning passion that has yet to be matched. Jean snapped out of the thought and looked over at Scott, now sound asleep. She laid back down behind him snuggling, and holding him tight as she kissed the back of his neck and fell back to sleep pushing back her tears.

Jubilee felt herself rising and falling to the rhythm of Logan’s breathing as he held her. She smiled and snuckered down like a kitten in the loving arms of a sweet young girl as she felt the warmth of his skin under hers. It amazed her that he was such a silent sleeper. Most guys snored but not Logan, “Guess he never has a reason to snore. He’s never been sick or even has gotten so much as a stuffy nose, Things that would cause the average person to snore just aren’t issues Logan has to deal with. Lucky for me…I HATE snoring!” she thought to herself and laughed softly. She looked over to the digital clock that which read 4:15 am. All she could think about is that Logan was going to have to get up a leave soon and only God knew when he’d be back.
“He’s NOT getting away from me that easily.” she thought in determination and found herself wide awake and unable to sleep once again. Jubilee tried to slip out of the sleeping bag a slowly as she could, but the minute she did he woke up a gently grabbed her hand.

“Where yeah running off to darling?” he softly asked.

“Damn!’ she thought. “I got the munchies Logan, happens around this time after so much hard activity,” she explained with a wild grin “Just going to go to the fridge and grab a slice of that cake I saw in there last night.” She continued as she got up and slipped into her black tee shirt and thong.

“Better slip on my robe doll. Wouldn’t want that cute little fanny of yours getting a cold. "he smiled and rolled over on his side falling back to sleep.

Jubilee loosely put the robe on and quietly opened the door carefully closing it behind her as she headed down the hall right pass the kitchen. She remembered a little trick Logan taught her about dealing with PSIs and kept her mind clear of thought as she walked briskly onward bear footed. "I’ll have that cake after I settle a little unfinished business first!’ she told herself.

When she got to the door where the Summers rested soundly in side she abruptly knocked three times.

The door opened and as soon as Jubilee saw Jean’s face the anger hit her full force, She raised her hand. It happened so quickly no one had time to think, The sound of Jubilee’s hand striking Jean’s face with a powerful “SMACK” now echoed in Scott’s ears.

“What in the HELL is wrong with you!! he barked “Have you LOST your mind totally!” Scott asked in an angry shout. “What the FUCK Jubilee?” he finished

“She knows, “WHAT” Scott!" Jubilee snapped with a scowl pointing to Jean and turned around walking back down the hall as if to dare them to do anything about it.

“Do you really think you’re just going to walk away from this, as if it were nothing!” Scott angrily demanded starting to walk after her when Jean suddenly snatched Scott’s hand in objection to his action.

“Leave it Scott!” she ordered

“No way in hell I ’m letting her get away with THAT Jean!” he turned to face her.

“I said LEAVE IT Scott!’ Jean insisted "She’s just sticking up for Logan, She loves him deeply.

“Look Jean, that doesn’t give her the right…” Scott Started

“I didn’t say it did, but I’m not going to call her on it either.” Jean explained

“Why the HELL NOT?” Scott asked raising his voice once again

“Because Scott, I could kill her! Don’t you understand that. I CAN’T risk confronting her while I am in this frame of mind, you KNOW that better than anyone. How could you even ask me such a thing?” Jean explained with out a tear, with out any emotion, she swerved around and walked back to bed leaving Scott standing by the door dumbfounded at her lack of action.

Jubilee headed back to Logan’s room thinking she was going to pack her bag and go with him on that mission whether he and the others liked it or not. She walked swiftly and again passed the kitchen until she reached Logan’s room. "I hope those big ears of his are OFF!’ she joked to herself, quietly opening the door. On her way to the bathroom she noted some white papers glowing in the moonlight that shined threw the window. They were sitting on Logan’s black duffel bag when Jubilee snatched them up. Once in the bathroom she closed the door and turned the light on, sat on the toilet and read with great interest. The papers were just what she thought they were, information about the mission with hand written footnotes in the margins. 1. get Blue Jet, 2. stop by, pick up booms. wires and tools. 3. kill him once found, DEAD MEAT! at the end of the words was a hole from a pencil furiously planted under the explanation point. As she read on it began to dawn on her, this was no mission, it was a HIT. The professor had ordered a hit on this Deliverer guy and Logan was the HITMAN. Jubilee continued reading the reports, her eyes darting as she eagerly turned each page. “Shit, a hit?! I never thought professor would EVER order THAT, and ASK LOGAN of all people to do it! Woe!” she thought before flipping the light off than opened the door. Jubilee headed back to the duffel bag and returned the papers before returning to where Logan who was in a deep sleep until she crawled in.

“Damn, woman you’re cold. Woke me right up.” he half complained grabbing her and pulling her close.

“OH, do you have ideas on warming me up Wolvie?” She asked now trowing her arms around his neck and pushing her hips into his. He smiled and softly growled in her ear while planting tender little kisses on her cheek and down her neck, returning the effort then opening her legs with a muscular thigh.

“Ideas? You bet I got a few darling.” he spoke pushing her gently on her back and popping one of his claws. “First idea, get rid of the thong.” he told her as he sliced the fabric then retracting his claw. “Second idea,..” he smiled pulling up her tee shirt and kissing her chest, tenderly nibbling one of her breast. “Third idea…”he said as he gently entered her, holding her at the waist as closely as he could get her. Jubilee wrapped her legs snugly around him and whispered in his ears, “I love your ideas Logan”. the two lovers kissed pleasantly entangled in each others limbs until the sun’s rays brightly filled the room.

“Crap!” Logan stated looking at the digital clock which now read 8:00am “I gotta get going doll, meant to get an earlier start but I didn’t count on a certain naughty little girl keeping me awake in the twilight hours.” he grinned kissing her before getting up to dress.

Jubilee watch him dress and pulled herself out of the sleeping bag gathering what was left of her clothing.

“What, no shower Logan?’ She asked curling her lip at the corner in discuss.

“Ain’t got time, lost too many hours as it is darling.” he explained as he slipped into his brown leather jacket.

Realizing she wasn’t going to be able to stall him any longer she leaped into her clothing and swiftly gathered her things rapidly stuffing them into her bags.

Logan stopped and stood staring at her. “What are you doing?” he calmly inquired.

“I’m going with you, that’s what.” She in formed

“No YOU’RE NOT.” he barked looking at her as she defiantly walked to his side bags in hand.

“Jubilee, I don’t know where you think you’re going, but it AINT with ME.” Not on This mission little girl, NO WAY." he informed her point blank.

Passion of Love Chapter 17 "Sparkles like Diamonds" rated R

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Artist's Description

For those who don’t know her this is Jubilee

F.M. Gore-Kelly


that certain glance
that certain sigh
that says one thing
you and i
seductive heart
you give yourself away
come dance with me
let’s sensually play
hold my hand
walk that road
leave your troubles
relieve your load
forget the past
tomorrow will come
for today
let’s just have fun
seductive heart
let’s play the game
for tonight
there’ll be no names
let’s make love
by candlelight
dream our dreams
be each other’s delight
perhaps when morning
shows it’s face
you and i
will have found our place
seductive heart
there’ll be no tears
just for tonight
there’ll be no fears
so come my dear
i want you so much
i long for your kisses
i long for your touch
lie down with me
in naked splendor
seductive heart
let him surrender

Author: Sally Omar
Word Count: 134

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  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
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  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
  • © Karin Taylor
  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
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  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
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