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Passion of Love: chapter 10"Reap What you Sow" PG

Passion of Love
Chapter 10
“Reap What You Sow” rated PG

Jean taking a deep breath finally confessed," No Scott he’s not lying,"

“Jean, how could you? How could you down right LIE to me like that? You told me that the mother could be anyone! Anyone! Now I find out it’s YOU? What the hell Jean!? It’s bad enough you lied, you had his baby too!” Scott was flabbergasted. “All the time we were together you always told me you didn’t want to bring a mutant child into this world, to this hate! Oh but it’s OK to bring a LUPUS into the world is that it?” Scott spouted off with out thought. He was so in gulped in his own anger he didn’t even think about what he was saying, he had lashed out at Jean and broke confidence with the professor who confided in him many years earlier that Logan was not an average mutant, that it was possible he could have come from the Lupus Sapiens branch, a small group of humans that evolved from Canis Lupus, or wolves and not primates. However Lupus Sapiens would still be considered mutants. But this was only a theory and was not a fact, which is why the professor never presented the idea to Logan.

“Scott!” Jean stated in shock at his remarks “What on EARTH are you talking about! How can you say such racist things?” she stated outraged

“Scott Summers! How dare you!” professor yelled. “I have never been so disappointed in you as I am at this moment, why on earth would you say such a thing is beyond all good sense.” he stated as he spoke further telepathically “I have YET to discuss any of this with Logan, for now find a way to drop the subject….and be QUICK about it!” he ordered as he ended.

Logan looked at Scott as his jaw dropped, he himself had never thought of himself as part of the Lupus Sapien clan. He realized he was different but his clan were all Homo Sapien as far as he understood. He waited for Scott to call Sasha a puppy and decided if he dared, he was going to rip his throat out right then and there.

“Oh it just doesn’t get any better than this, does it boy? Now I aint human, is that it?” Logan spat out. “I don’t know where you got your facts from, and frankly I don’t give a fling fuck, but if I ever hear you call me or Sasha a Lupus again, it will be the LAST thing that ever comes out of your stupid mouth. You get me BOY?!” Logan promised with conviction

Scott took a deep breath as it began to hit him as to the magnitude of what he truly said. he basically called Logan a dog, as well as an animal.

“I apologize Logan, I had no right to say that, I am truly sorry.” he stated

Logan understanding that emotions were hot including his own, decided to let it go… for now. He looked at Scott with narrowed eyes and gave him a quick nod of his head in acceptance.

“Scott, I never meant for this to happen. Logan was…” Jean started, redirecting the conversation when she was interrupted in mid sentence.

“Logan was what?!!” he barked

“Wait Logan, you don’t understand.” she tried to explain

“Understand? Understand, maybe if you had told me the truth about Scott returning I would have loved you enough to understand! But you never gave me that chance, you didn’t trust me! I know now you played me for a SAP!
If I would have known about your feelings and Scott, I would have never let myself get that close to you. I thought you were mine and I was yours! Now I find out it never was like that. Maybe it didn’t mean shit to you lady, but it meant everything to me!” Logan responded with intense emotion.

Scott started to realize what had really happen, though he was hurt, he felt sorry for Logan. No one knew Jean’s heart better than Scott, and he understood she never meant it the way it turned out. She never meant to use Logan or to lie. She wasn’t thinking straight and he began to see maybe she still wasn’t.

Sasha’s cry grew piercingly loud to the point of pain for Logan’s overly sensitive ears.

“Give her to me Jean.” Logan sharply requested

Jean looked at Logan’s face, and handed him Sasha as Scott and Professor watched on. Logan took Sasha into his arms, and she immediately stopped crying, completely content. Scott watched on in amazement, he never would have believed it if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes. He puts his arm around Jean as she leaned her head on his shoulder. Logan looked at the two and angrily puffed with a hiss at the site as he held back a tear. He turned and started walking to his room with is baby girl clutched securely in his arms.

She knew Logan wanted to be alone with Sasha, she decided to let him go and planed to go to the kitchen and prepare a bottle for her so Logan could feed the baby himself.

Scott seeing Logan walk away with Sasha with out even informing Jean as to what his plans were took it upon himself to inquire about it and called out to Logan,

“Shouldn’t you keep the baby with Jean, I think she may be hungry by now.” Scott suggested

Logan stopped in the middle of the hallway. turned his head around. “Stay out of it Slim, this ain’t your kid!” he barked as he continued to walk down the hall reaching his room door and opening it then slamming it behind him.

“Jean, we’d better go after him.” Scott stated with concern

“No Scott, give him some time, he’s just hurt right now.” she answered

Professor quietly studying and assessing the situation as he reminds himself of the dire predicament he is now caught in the middle of.
“With more and More mutants bodies appearing all all over the world, it is become crucial to investigate to where the source of these deaths are before any other lives are senselessly destroyed. DAMN IT. We have nothing, no way of tracing down the culprit unless I can convince Logan to go to White Island and look at some of the bodies. He has vast knowledge in tracking down such thing and there is rumors that a double agent or a mole is among us. If Logan can find this mole we will have a lead, something to start with. Damn IT!” I can waist no more time on this soap opera, I am going to discuss this with Logan on a crucial level, I will MAKE him see reason if I have to! But first I need to straighten Jean and Scott out." He thinks to himself.

Jean and Scott spend the next 3 hours talking about the poison toxic gas and errancy to find out who is behind it all. Scott give his ideas on the matter based on what he went threw, Professor thinks about it and they talk futher on as Scott suggest leaving Sasha with Kitty and Peter,

“Logan trust them and they will take good care of her while we are gone.” Scott inputed.

“Yes, and Kitty just loves Sasha.” Jean added

“Not a bad idea , if we can convince Logan to comply. How ever Scott I, not quite certain you or Jean are able to go on this mission. Niter of you have nor the skill or a healing factor to with stand the suspected toxin”. expalined Professor .

“But proffesor!” Scott began to protest.
“No, Scott, This must be evaluated before I dare sent either of you two. In any event we will resume with this tommarow,let’s all get a good night’s rest for now.”
He ended

Later that evening as Scott and Jean spend time alone and re discovering each other in her room, the air was strangely still and the mansion oddly quiet.

Hearing every little moan and giggle he could take Logan decides that this is no longer home and begins packing things that he feels are important into an old green army duffle bag including the 6 bottles Jean prepared along with 4 dippers. He tossed a old shoe box into the trash along with some other stuff.

Sasha is on his bed smiling and cooing. Logan looks over to her. he could feel in his mind the thoughts of his little daughter, They didn’t come in words, but emotion. The pull of not being left behind was powerful yet natural and unforced.

“Don’t worry little sweetheart, Daddy’s not gonna leave you behind.” he promises with a smile

Logan throws the duffel bag over one shoulder. He walks over to where Sasha is lying on the bed and picks her up, grabbing a thick, large piece of long haired sheep’s fur that he had draped on a chair in the corner of his room and wrapped her in it. Carrying Sasha in one arm, he opened the window of his room, and climbed out. Logan made sure he was far away from the mansion when he pulled his cel phone out and called a taxi and waited for the yellow and black check trimmed car to arrive. The taxi finally arrived 20 minutes later but it felt like hours to Logan.

“Where to mac?” asked the driver

“Airport.” answered Logan

The Taxi drives off heading for the requested destination.

“Hey buddy what’s the fur for?” he asked with a widen eyed grin, as if to try to strike a friendly conversation up.

“Mind your own damn business!” Logan informed him Irritated at the question

“Ok, Ok just asking sheese.” he stated shaking his head at the tone of Logan’s snappy response

The taxi arrives at the airport .

“What do I owe ya?” Logan asked as the car stopped at the curb.

“Tab comes to $150.50 mac.” he informs

Logan reaching into his pocket pulls out two hundred dollars, “Here, keep the change.” he directs as he opens the cab door.

“Hey thanks buddy! Need any help with that bag?” he asked

“Nope. Logan informs reaching for the bag and tossing it over his shoulder as he closed the car door and the cabbie drove off.

Passion of Love: chapter 10"Reap What you Sow" PG

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Artist's Description

“What would you do if you were Logan?
below is yet another poem by sally Omar, our paths often cross in writing and she had written this one way before I ever started this story. It is very odd but quite a few of my chapters have matching subject and emotions to her wonderful poems. If you enjoy mine check her works out too!

Author: Sally Omar
Word Count: 57

you take what you want
waltz to your own tune
catch a star
lose your grip
seek out fear
dance with the devil
sing with the Angels
fly to the heavens
pay for your sins
burn in the fires of hell
re-emerge as the Phoenix
seek out answers
risk all you have
reap what you sow

Artwork Comments

  • minou41
  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
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  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
  • LTScribble
  • LTScribble
  • LTScribble
  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
  • LTScribble
  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
  • Sally Omar
  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
  • Martin Muir
  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
  • © Karin Taylor
  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
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