Passion of Love:Chapter 3 "My Dream is My Nightmare." G

Around 3 months into her pregnancy, Jean started to feel the effects of the hormonal shifts now taking place with in her. At times she felt as if she could no longer control her emotions and this frightened her greatly. It was not an any better idea for Jean to loose control than it was for Logan to. When ever jean became angered or under a great strain she would loose control over her telekinetic powers. Loosing control for jean also meant leaving the door open for the entity known as the phenix . The phenix has possessed her body and taken it many times, for now, she was in control and with the professor’s help she planed to stay that way. Like Logan she had her own “beast” to deal with. Professor had taught her well over the years on how to control and direct her gifts to her own advantage. But even he feared one day they could overpower her and the phenix once again would rise. With Jean’s consent he set blocks in her mind to help prevent this. He had done the same for Logan, setting blocks in his mind to help prevent telepathic mutants from entering with out his knowledge and possibly manipulating him the way some humans had done in his past. When the beast was out, there was little to nothing anyone could do to prevent it from going into berserker rage. Only Jubilation Lee and Ororo Munroe had ever been successful in reasoning with Logan in this state, Sense the blocks had been set, Jean has had little difficulty maintaining control. Pregnancy however, was and unexpected challenge.Jean felt the great need at this time for a mother, unfortunately her own mother had passed away 3 years before White Rain began. The closest person she had living to a mother was a nun she and Scott met on a mission in Khabaroysk Russia at the begging of the war. They had both been stationed there to protect the mutant victims and guard the one medical unit that was under threat of destruction. Jean worked side by side with Scott as a protector, and with the few medically train volunteers tending to the wounded. One such volunteer was Sasha Berrisniaulf, a resident nun.Sasha was an older patet woman in her mid 60s with dark hair and soft brown eyes. She was not only a nun, but was a trained nurse and mid-wife. The 2 women became very close friends during the 6 months that Jean and Scott were in Kahubaroysk. Jean had kept in touch with Sasha over the years and confide in her frequently. She had always wanted to return to the far east of Russia to see her dear friend again.

Chapter 3
“My Dream is My Nightmare” rated G

Around noon time it wasn’t uncommon to find Charles Xavier in his office sitting at his red cherry-wood desk studying every inch of a stack of white papers that sat before him. On this day, the same day Professor, as he was often referred to as, had just received some new reports when he was interrupted by the sound of timid tapping on his mahogany wooden door.

“Yes Jean, you may enter.” he spoke in a kind fatherly manner.

“I’m sorry to disturb you professor.” she began, “I don’t know what else to do, I really need your expert advice on something.” She finished

Tho he knew full well what she wanted, he did not interrupt her but sat quietly giving Jean his full attention.

The professor was an extraordinary powerful telepathic mutant who used his gifts to benefit mankind. He had a special team lovingly nick-named “The XMen” by the students with in his school. This team of specially train mutants also possessed gifts even beyond that of other mutants. They had code names and uniforms. Professor had established a telepathic link with each member so that he may communicate with them in their minds. All but Logan were trained by Charles himself. When the professor invited Logan to join his team he was informed of Logan’s extensive military as well as CIA and other types of combat training. Professor had hand picked Wolverine, aka Logan, to aid in a rescue mission and latter as a teacher and a mentor for his students. He quickly found out that not only was Logan a great asset, but he came with a bag of troubles and was well known to be one of the most dangerous mutant despite the fact he was only 5 feet and 3 inches tall. He possessed a healing factor able to combat any toxin or disease and excellerated healing as well as regeneration of damaged parts of the body, animal keen senses such as night vision and acute sense of smell, But that wasn’t all. Long before Professor and the Xmen ever met Logan he had been part of a military experiment against his will called Weapon X, where he was the weapon. This not only made him invincible due to the lacing of his bones with antamatiam, the strongest metal known, it also left him mentally damaged. His memories extended past 100 years were all but slivers of flashing images because of the reprograming he suffered at the hands of the military. But the thing that really set him apart was a set of 6 razor sharp 12 inch long claws, 3 in each arm. Logan could “pop” them out of his hands individually or all at the same time at will. Logan agreed to stay with the Xmen and in exchange Xavier had promised to help him recover his life. In return Logan agreed to serve on the team. Over the years he became invaluable and developed personal ties with the team he now calls family. Unfortunately the reprograming of Logan’s mind cause some damage too great for even for Charles Xavier to repair,

“Professor” she continued. “I don’t know how to tell you this but, I ‘m pregnant, I’m sorry, I know you don’t approve of fraternizing between staff members, it’s just that I need him and he’s there for me.” Her face began to flush with embariment at the thought of the professor knowing she had sex with Logan. She thought of him as a father figure, this was hard for her to even speak of while in his presents.

Seeing the hard time she had explaining her point professor sat with his hands folded to his face looking her in the eyes as he spoke.

“Let me just interrupt, if I may Jean. he respectfully interjected. "As you are well aware of, I do not approve of relations between faculty, However I understand that such things accrue. Sense Scott’s disappearance we all have been very concerned about your well being. I am relieved as well as happy for you that you have found peace with in your extended friendship with Logan.

“Disappearance?” she thought. “What does he mean by disappearance?” the question stood out tall and strong above all of her other needs. She struggled not to obsesses about it but to get to the point she came for. Even still, it NAGGED at her like an old woman demanding the children to keep their feet off the furnisher, “One thing at a time.” She told herself.
“Thank you Charles.” Jean stated.

Professor sense her question, in fact he heard it the minute she formed it in her mind. Professor wasn’t one to lead one into a decision, he always tried to leave the door open for the person to make up their own mind. He said nothing about the questions she had, but instead decided to wait for her to asked out loud.

“How can I help today Jean?’ he asked

“Lately I have been feeling these feelings of guilt that I can’t seem to shake. I get these intense dreams of Scott trying to contact me, they feel so real! It makes me feel so happy, then I wake up and find Logan next to me and I feel a sense of disappointment. When I try to go back to sleep. it starts all over again only more intense, more real. It’s been going on for the last 2 nights and is driving me crazy. I can’t get a full nights sleep.” she stopped talking and set her head in he hands as she took the seat in front of professor’s desk. “I need to get away from here! I just want to be away from these wall. everything I see reminds me of Scott, and now that I am having a child it seems to be getting worse. Last night while I was with Logan, I was thinking of …Scott.” she looked up and stared at professor in the eyes. “What is WRONG with me?”

“Jean, nothing is wrong, this is all normal. it’s normal when you move on to feel guilty about leaving the other life behind. I’m sure the hormones from the pregnancy are amplifying the effect. I wouldn’t question myself about it too intensely. As soon as we are finished here, go to the infirmary and I’ll call in a sleeping aid for you so you can get some rest. We’ll have the nutrients check over you as well to see you are getting the proper foods you need during this time.” he stated

“So you don’t think I’m terrible for having these thoughts?” She asked

“No Jean . I don’t, and neither should you. you know, it may help to talk with Logan about these thoughts and feelings, He has lost quite a few loves and may be able to provide some helpful insight.” he answered.

“Oh, NO. No Charles, I can’t tell Logan I am dreaming of Scott while sleeping next to him! THAT would just kill him. No I can’t do that! I will deal with this and get over it.” She said with conviction.

Professor sat staring at her once again. He did not agree with her decision not to tell Logan what she was going threw. He kept his disapproval to himself knowing that she may very well have been in contact with Scott. He himself had been sensing Scott, but very faintly. It was so faint he wasn’t not sure if it was indeed the real Scott Summers or the remains of a time loop. Only time would tell for sure, and now was not the time to add to the stress and boggled emotions Jean was going threw. He decided to wait for a better time to talk about this with Jean, if at all that time ever came.

Passion of Love:Chapter 3 "My Dream is My Nightmare." G

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part 3 of a fanfic written for FANS :)

I thoink these guys are fun to write about but it’s not easy to stay with in the guide line on who they are and tell YOUR story. Quite a challenge for me! I hope I cam e keep it going.

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