"My Entry In the PhotoShop Masters Group" Patricia Anne McCarty

1).This Image is what I call a DARK side image. it is my depiction of a Vamp or Vampire, the undead.

2-3).I created this In photo shop 6. I found a model a young girl who worked with me, we later became friends. I took her photograph, scanned it in and started playing around with it. Soon I painted over it, recreating the entire image to the point where the photo was truely lost. It became a painting. I started making up things like smoke and adding the skin color. It was all done with an airbrush tool, smudge tool, and blur tool. After I created the look I wanted to make her look dead and cold, I played around with something called Channel Mixer found in “Image”. That’s how I got the skin look. Then I used the burn and dodge tools to shadow and highlight what I wanted to pop out the most. This Image was not created in layers.

4).Tips and tricks I’d say Channel Mixer, Selective Color, and burn and dodge are good ways to change color quickly and can look real, they can also cause a color to have a kind of glowy look hand airbrush may not create. Use them for more just a photograph ;)

5).I learned photoshop by playing around with it. I taught myself. Latter I took a class, but there wasn’t anything in it that I didn’t know. I will say my teacher di teach me one very important thing, the Pen Tool. WHAT a DREAM that was, so much more easy than the other selective tools! Paths are the way to go if you need to select something.

Interview by Randy Monteith


  • SnowDog
    SnowDogover 6 years ago

    Patricia – thanks for the interview and for adding your great image " The Color of Blood " to the groups gallery!!

  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
    Patricia Anne ...over 6 years ago

    Your welcome.

  • shanghaiwu
    shanghaiwuover 6 years ago

    Not sure where the image is…but will go on a search


  • It’s teh Color of Blood, a Vampire Vamp drinking blood and the blood is dripping all over her hands.

    – Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo

  • shanghaiwu
    shanghaiwuover 6 years ago

    ok and thankyou