Breathing with FREEDOM

There are many ways to be trapped and many forms of freedom. In my case, I feel a great sense of new found FREEDOM in my life! I was in a trap for over 2 years and I have gotten out of this energy sucking vortex of nonsense last month. Despite the fact it was a bundle of redundant rants and endless problems with no solutions that took up most of my days it left me with a sense of emptiness. Today I found a new eye for an old problem and have put it to rest once and for all. Now it is as if the issues I had never happened at all, the freedom and peace has replaced the anger and regrets. I have no more emotional ties or emotions in the subjects of the past. I have forgiven all involved including myself. I can return to MY life MY time and MY pace. CREAT MY ART! And I am looking forward to reconnecting with my old friends! So PLEASE come on by and let’s reconnect… those that are left! I know most of you have gone and I will miss you but the ones who are still here I’m looking forward to the new relationships to come. Peace and Love to U All.

Devils of deceptions and lies and ‘psychic vampires’ YOU have no powers over me.


  • Mui-Ling Teh
    Mui-Ling Tehabout 2 years ago

    Good to see you back; I had gone through something similar back in 2010 (following that allergy incident and losing my origami) it is such a awful place to be. Looking forward to catching up an reconnecting too.

  • Thank you Mui-Ling it always so NICE to see you xoxo

    – Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo

  • Renate  Dartois
    Renate Dartoisabout 2 years ago

    Patricia I have no idea what troubled you but I am so happy for you that you found that inner peace you needed….

  • Thanks Renate! I kept the “trouble” it self out of the pitcture because I really was trying to talk of the inner peace I got from it all. I’m glad that came threw

    – Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo