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About the Artist: / Born in Dunoon-Argyll, Scotland, Patricia Anne McCarty has studied art most of her life. Patricia is an artist of...

Breathing with FREEDOM

There are many ways to be trapped and many forms of freedom. In my case, I feel a great sense of new found FREEDOM in my life! I was in a trap for over 2 years and I have gotten out of this energy sucking vortex of nonsense last month. Despite the fact it was a bundle of redundant rants and endless problems with no solutions that took up most of my days it left me with a sense of emptiness. Today I found a new eye for an old problem and have put it to rest once and for all. Now it is as if the issues I had never happened at all, the freedom and peace has replaced the anger and regrets. I have no more emotional ties or emotions in the subjects of the past. I have forgiven all involved including myself. I can return to MY life MY time and MY pace. CREAT MY ART! And I am looking forward to reconnecting with my old friends! So PLEASE come on by and let’s reconnect… those that are left! I know most of you have gone and I will miss you but the ones who are still here I’m looking forward to the new relationships to come. Peace and Love to U All.

Devils of deceptions and lies and ‘psychic vampires’ YOU have no powers over me.

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