Breathing with FREEDOM

There are many ways to be trapped and many forms of freedom. In my case, I feel a great sense of new found FREEDOM in my life! I was in a trap for over 2 years and I have gotten out of this energy sucking vortex of nonsense last month. Despite the fact it was a bundle of redundant rants and endless problems with no solutions that took up most of my days it left me with a sense of emptiness. Today I found a new eye for an old problem and have put it to rest once and for all. Now it is as if the issues I had never happened at all, the freedom and peace has replaced the anger and regrets. I have no more emotional ties or emotions in the subjects of the past. I have forgiven all involved including myself. I can return to MY life MY time and MY pace. CREAT MY ART! And I am looking forward to …

PLEASE visit "Little Deviant Dollies! ":) :) :) My art Dolls

Little Deviant Dollies
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Above are the links for my new art of Dolls! I want all my friends to go to my doll pages and see them, comment on them . let me know what you think! I would LOVE you to adopt one of my girls. they are all well behaved and in need of new homes. So please take some time to look at them and let me know what your thoughts are. I also take special request and orders. :) xoxoxox

All dolls and props are handmade and or altered

Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo


I sold 2 works here the first of the year! Thank You so much buyers! You really made my day :)

“Central Park Carousel Horse” and “Dragon-Ouroboros”


As most of you may know, I have been missing in action so to speak. I have not had internet for quite some time and my child became very ill. She was in the hospital for over a week. Things did not get better right away. It took a few more spills before we finally started to see some light at the end of the tonal. She has her new meds which are working well and is back on track with school. She will be returning to school by the 28th if all goes well.

I wish to thank all the wonderful host here at the bubble who have not forgotten about me or my art and have included my works in their featured sections. :) xooxoxxoxooxxoxooxxoox It mens so much to know you are not forgotten durning your times in need. :)

I wish to also thank the wonderful artist and friends here at the bubble who saw fi…

FREE program : "An Old Tool for New Eyes" look what I can do...

Sense I met Deborah Lazarus here on the Bubble, we have shared many things and I started to want to try something different after looking at her works. Deb creates Abstract art, something I never took much of an interest in. As time went by I started to like the stuff and saw my portfolio had nothing in it with any abstracts and I needed to explore it! So I did! I got boarded with photo shop but have no money to buy anything else. Now don’t get me wrong here PS it the BOMB but every now and then we all like to try on a new pair of shoes! lol Therefore i looked on line and came across Tux Paint! At first glance I wasn’t too thrilled, it’s a kid’s program. I took it anyway and played around with it. it is limited so the drawing tools are very primitive as are the pai…

WE did it!! MARRIED! details...

Well it finally happened and pat and I are married for real! YAEHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I have some pics at facebook click on I will post some of the wedding it self as soon as I can, I have quite a few things to ketch up on don’t know when I will be able to come back. We are planning to take a honey moon sometimes this month.

PS I am the one in the stripped dress and LONG hair. Pat is wearing a white shirt and has short salt and pepper hair, My daughter is the one in the tourquoise colored dress.
the rest are family.

After 21 years.... Pat and I are, GETTING MARRIED

YEP for those who don’t know Pat and I have been together for 21 years now and are getting married 31st of this month, SO needless to say, I won’t be as active here as I am cleaning and getting ready for my folks coming on sat. Soon I will have a new last name here it will be: Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo So look for the change! I will also be posting photos of the wedding of course!! be on the watch;0)

We are doing a15min. in front of the judge kind of thing, then photos at The Rose Garden, then a dinner with the folks. In October we will have a big party for everyone else. Being of low budget most likely we will be going to Los Vagus-Venice for the honeymoon in Sept. maybe Hawii if we can swing it, but I have been there back in the days when I had money , never been to Vagu…

SALES and WOW...

FIRST, let me start off with a “bit” of bad news. LOL My Mikie Girl, for those who don’t know, is a 5 foot iguana and yesterday she BIT ME! the dragon! LOL My guess is the oddly hot weather caused this action. she was just a bit too hot and became ANNOYED much easier than normal. Word to the wise: watch the HEAT if you have a pet reptile in the house!

Good news! I sold a Tee, “Night on the Town” one of my favs btw :) I thank you buyer!

ALSO,,, I have a new client! the special thing about this client is that he saw my works on RB!!! I have an ad out on criegs (sp) list and have received a few good clients with short term projects. This is a nice family guy doing a site for children games. He also does comic strips. Right up my ally! So THANK YOU RB t…

Feeling Disconnected :-_( (Dog Bites, what's next? lol)

Well It has been a LONG recovery for my painful over worked arm, and I have been out of the loop here for a while now, unable to create art at this time has been a very annoying thing to say the least! I still have to be careful but I can go back to painting now!! Yippy! I want to finish my story too Daddy’s Little girl Part two and the inbetween story that follows Passion of Love to connect the two. Then I plan on writing my Mitch story! Another reason I have been gone is because my husband got badly bit by a dog, a pit bull of all breeds! there has been a rash of pit bites here in CA Bay Area mostly in Oakland, and so cops are really on raid about pits. Pat (my husband) had to defend our dog. Our dog is a Border Collie, breed known as a McNab, a cattle dog. We had her lo…

Thank you so much all my friends, with love Patricia xoxoxox

I would like to give special thanks to my dear friends who took time out of their lives to give my first attempt in “novel style” writing. This story started off as a dream I had 11 years ago before I went back to school and re vamped my education. Most that know me know I have 3 learning disabilities that have made it too hard to tackle such a project in the past. Every thing is NOT perfect and I still have along ways to go, but I feel this project was a good start. i learned a lot about writing and what it takes to be a good story teller. Tho this is a fan fic based on Marvel’s Xmen, It is ALL MY OWN Ideas and writings, I did my own research of each place I take the reader, I have also created my own charitors as well. When I first wrote this story I never thought peo…