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One of my most pleasurable pastimes is to walk in my paradisaical hometown of Bridgetown with my camera amongst the glory of nature that surrounds me. Mostly nature is my source for photography and digital photo enhancement, but I am constantly on the lookout for other sources in other environments, including cities, for an opportunity to capture a new texture, another building, an old door – my eyes tend to see beyond what the camera is capturing – but not always.

So I suppose you could say that I have a somewhat diverse selection in my work. Occasionally I think I must develop a distinctive style or subject, but I see so much that can become something more beautiful to look at that I have to capture it.

Sometimes I layer my photos with textures to create a moe ‘painterly’ feel to my images.

Some of my images are processed from several exposures blended in software to clearly define detail in, say woodwork, stonework, skies.

Sometimes I blend two or more of my photos to create an image of a time and place that only exists in my mind.

Sometimes I use software to turn a photo into an image which could pass for a painting.

However, I have to say that when I turn out an image that needs no editing and is as beautiful as nature is in its own right, I do feel a different type of achievement – it means I can produce an image as good as any professional photographer.

You are invited to enter into my world by looking through this gallery. I welcome any comments and trust you will enjoy what you see here.

My images are not in the public domain. All images are copyright © Elaine Teague. All rights reserved. They should not be published, transferred, reproduced, modified or used in any way or in any part thereof without my written permission. If you wish to purchase any of my images you may safely do so through this site.


  1. Autumn
  2. Bridges
  3. Buildings
  4. Coastal
  5. Colour Blue
  6. Colour Green
  7. Colour Orange
  8. Colour Purple
  9. Colour Red
  10. Colour Yellow
  11. Colour Pink
  12. Fog and Mist
  13. High Dynamic Range
  14. Lakes
  15. Landscapes
  16. People
  17. Rivers
  18. Spring
  19. Railways
  20. Sold Works
  21. Summer
  22. Wildlife
  23. Winter


  1. Mugs
  2. Cards
  3. Prints
  4. Pillows and Pillow Cases
  5. Duvet Covers
  6. Iphone cases
  7. Ipad cases
  8. Laptop skins

I have put together some calendars, but feel free to email me if you would like to choose images from my gallery to make up a calendar especially for you.

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Is anyone else, besides me, having a problem with reorganising the order of their images within their collections. The system just wont let me do it any more. I have reported it to RB, but got the usual response, ie clear out the cache, up date the browser, check out FAQ. All things I’ve done, but still have the problem. I think it’s an RB issue, but firstly want to check if anyo…
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Flash Mob Surprises Everyone by Singing Hallelujah in the Food Court

I was mesmerized watching this video. Do take the time to view it to the end. /
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My First Sale on FAA

I am thrilled to have my first sale on Fine Art America. Dancing shoes are on. Yay! / Here is a link to the image I sold: / Louise
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I'm on Fine Art America

I have uploaded over 40 of my pastel collection images to Fine Art America. If you would like to take a look you can go straight there from this image/link.
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