The Music of The Spheres

Harmonious cyclical dancing, majestic infinite power
Intertwining, brief contacts, attracting then repelling
Heat of birth, Cold of loss, silent ringing, forever swinging
Beacons, Gods, shining lights, patterns in a velvet womb
This is The Music of The Spheres

Grinding, wearing, tearing of water on rock
Rumbling, crunching, burning beneath the core
Cracking, overwhelming bursting through the rents
Spinning, void rushing, blinding invisible waves washing
This is the Music of the Land

Swaying, rustling, whispering of new-born times
Stretching, growing, calling out to new-found skies
Hugging and holding, secure in Mother Earth
Siphoning, processing, absorbing precious energy
This is the Music of The Trees

Searching, wispy enfolding, surveying from afar
Downy tempting, voluptuously enticing hidden eyes
Darkening, engorging, swelling with a single-mind
Symphonic liquid destruction, releasing, drenching
This is The Music of The Clouds

Hunting stealthily, the pounce, the kill, the blood
Tending patiently, nurturing, watering and feeding
Sowing and reaping, harvesting and consuming
Accumulated strength in societal packs
This is The Music of Life

Accepting, resolving, a storyboard of scenes
Remembering, regretting, anguish, fear, loss
Pain, sadness, wishful thinking, the ticking of a clock
Soft or sudden, light fading, knowledge, final grasping, gasping
This is The Music of Death

Harmonious, infinite, heat, cold and patterns
Grinding, wearing, burning, cracking, bursting and spinning
Swaying and whispering, growing and calling, absorbing
Searching, tempting, enticing, swelling, destroying
Hunting, tending, nurturing, accepting, pain, wishful thinking

This, is the Music of my Mind

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  • Lisa  Jewell
    Lisa Jewellabout 6 years ago

    You’ve captured music in its wholeness – each sphere/elements are joined in these beautiful attributes…

    Very thought provoking…..

  • jenny4
    jenny4about 6 years ago

    Wow! Erm… yeah… speachless! Ok, awesome? Oh that’s lame… just really… FANTASTIC!

  • Lorraine Creagh
    Lorraine Creaghabout 6 years ago

    This is music to my eyes. Beautifully written Mark.

  • Rachael Comisari
    Rachael Comisariabout 6 years ago

    nice one Mark :)

  • RebeccaLee86
    RebeccaLee86about 6 years ago

    Really well done! Excellent work!

  • Nikki Trexel
    Nikki Trexelabout 6 years ago

    goodness. this is enthralling. i love words and you have strung them together magnificently to describe so many worthy things. beautiful.

  • MissKristy
    MissKristyabout 6 years ago

    YES YES YES…the music of the heart indeed!

  • mariemadeleyne
    mariemadeleyneabout 6 years ago

    I have no word in my poor english to express my feelings,
    I “see” images , I “hear” some cello, saxo, piano , I feel some “wounds” as well.
    Beautiful, and more.

  • Caroline Gorka
    Caroline Gorkaabout 6 years ago

    Wonderful embracement of all …wrapped so tightly in your big heart and soul.

  • careless rapture
    careless raptureabout 6 years ago

    this is wonderful…and when read out loud, has an energy that rips you along, like good music should

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