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Lulu Clarke

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Not often I give myself a plug - but - this was such a nice letter, I wanted to crow a little:

Hi Mark, / I was planning on replying to you this morning, but things got busy at work. / And thanks for your kind words about my family and little ********. / Yes, I have looked at the photos and they are fantastic. / It is exactly what we were after. The detail and clarity of the shots is great, / and you have been able to capture things which we were not privy to, / due to us being busy doing…
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Camera Issue - need help!

Posted about 4 years – 29 comments

B&W Abstracts

Hi Guys :) / This is a collection of b&w abstracts I put together for an associate who was after this kind of thing. Hope you enjoy – they are kinda broad-ranging, but of similar feel. / Link
Posted about 5 years – 18 comments

Antipodes 2010

I was commissioned to photograph the Antipodes Festival in Melbourne last week, for archival/historical/promotional purposes. If PJ/Street-ish photography interests you, have a look. If not, you may get bored quickly :) / All comments welcome. / Antipodes 2010 / ps – I know I haven’t been around much lately – work and personal life has taken up all my time. Hello to all the regu…
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