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as we evolve let it be that what remains is what we are and will always be….

  • Age: 38
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Ad on / a man spat on m e today / complex / connects sight vision to an intention such as invention / an idea / spills over / sober / I am your lower / explore / a vessel nestled away for those times / expose / refine / define no / mind mine / sign / sealed / fields fluctuate to reveal / an urban peel / still / stunned / the monsoon moon / spooned the nova / over and over
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Snake Pond

sssssssss / snake pond babylon / fishes through the righteous wrong / beat him chest / U R the best / better put it to a test / don’t confess if it isn’t true / no worries for in the end / it isn’t U
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Dream Awake

at the moment of awake / U only begin the dream / a stream of consciousness cause mind form body / shotty at best / the rest is left to life or death / at the first and last breath / gasp for air or desire / till there is nothing….
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