Hi everyone… welcome to my bubble!

I have a mix of work…. including photography drawing and card design…..

take a look…. I hope you find something you like….

for my commercial photography
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thanks for the sale

Thanks to whoever bought a card of my “vietnam hats”…. very exciting!!! Ive bought lots of my own stuff of late ( I am so impressed with the quality of red bubbles prints and frames… EXCELLENT ) so it was nice to see a sale I had nothing to do with!!!!
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new web site

Hi folks….. still a bit of a work in progress…. but I now have a web site which features a different side of my work,…… more commercial stuff, portraits weddings etc….. take a look…… thanks deb
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amazing feature pages

I just want to say to whoever it is that selects and arranges the featured art….. I LOVE your work! I’m always impressed by how it all goes together and looks so nice as a group….. be it colour or theme or style etc….. I always notice it and today felt like acknowledging it… so yay to you and keep it up :)
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2000 views!!! woo hooo!!

just saw I reached 2000 views…. yay!!!! ( does it discount the million times you look at your own stuff??? :) / keep looking people… as will I at you!
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