Lessons in Admiring Art

How many times have we looked at art and never given a thought of what went into the creative process? I think at some point we’ve all taken it for granted, but the creative process deserves our admiration. It’s A LOT of work but it’s also a person’s passion, their heart and soul.

Creating Art
Inspiration comes, then an informal sketch to work out the idea, purchasing supplies (which can be costly depending on your medium), creating the original where hours can be spent with your back hunched over working over a table, or your arms outstretched as you glide the paint over a canvas resting on an easel. Hours and hours go into the process of birthing a painting. It’s just like a child and you love it just as much. Once it’s created, you mull it over-and-over looking at every inch of it to make sure it’s just right. Then it’s ready to be shared with the world. You only hope the world is understanding and appreciative of your time, talent, and vision. You only hope that you don’t have to die like one of the great masters before YOUR artwork is accepted, the world will judge AND JUDGE WE DO.

How many times do we take talent for granted? I know I have taken it for granted. I know I’ve walked by an artist’s booth with the words going through my head “I could have created that, I could be selling that or…..my work’s better than that”, it’s our ego …. It’s being human…and I am saddened with myself for not always appreciating the work that others went through to create their art, but I think if we’re all honest with each other, we’ve all felt a little envious and jealous of others artistic success. Even admitting that makes me feel sad and like I’m back in high school (and I’m way out of high school). For the last few years I have been trying to change my thinking and it’s ever a work in process. Remember the old style cartoons where you have the Angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other, well… I liken the ego to be the devil and darn him, sometimes he pokes me with that darn fork and tries to tell me that my work is better. Well darn he, my work is not better. My work is my work and their work is there work. If we were all the SAME… how boring our art world would be. So from now on I will not envy another artists success and I will not be jealous of their creative ideas. I will admire, I will leave commits of praise, and I will appreciate their creative process. And in their success I will be saying… “GOOD for you, good for you that you had the courage to believe in yourself and gained notoriety! Good for you, I wish you much success and I hope I can be like you, you are my hero.” My goal is to be in an art gallery. My goal is to be a published artist. My goal is to walk into a store and smile when I see my art made into cards, wrapping paper, decorations, curtains, fabric, heck…. anything.

The world can be not-so-nice sometimes and it pains me to say that because I truly believe in speaking only positive words and thinking only positive thoughts, karma and like-action create our world so I want our world positive and kind.

So join me, leave commits, admire another’s work, be nice and spread the love. Together we can bring a new appreciation to the art world.

I love what you create!

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