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Creating art is like breathing air, for an artist, its life and without that creative process we are not truly living. Without a paintbrush, without paper, without paint….well, you might as well be living life without breathing. For a long time now I have been a believer in only original art, only by original art could you truly connect with the spiritual part of the artist and therefore I have held back from any form of copied art, but after doing some soul searching and having a dear friend guide and encourage me, I have come to change my opinion. An artist creates art to share with the world and in that sharing; the artist and the receiver both can find joy. When I look at photography, I find joy. I see something in nature that I did not see before. When I look at artwork from other artists, I see their spirit. I see their talent. I see….and it does not matter if it’s a print, card, or copy…. If it moves me, then it’s done its job. I hope my artwork will move you in this way. I hope to send love to the world, one print, card, and copy at a time.


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Lessons in Admiring Art

How many times have we looked at art and never given a thought of what went into the creative process? I think at some point we’ve all taken it for granted, but the creative process deserves our admiration. It’s A LOT of work but it’s also a person’s passion, their heart and soul. / Creating Art / Inspiration comes, then an informal sketch to work out the idea, purchasing supplies (which can be…
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the Desire to Create

The Desire to Create / By Andrea Alder from Tathaastu issue #6, 2008 / This is by far one of the best articles I have read that describes the artist in the creative process. I’m sure any artist would agree. The complete creative process is in fact the creative process. / The first glimpse of the creative process is the yearning: the desire to create. We bathe in the yearning, feel that yearnin…
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