Last week I took part in the Delaware College of Art and Design’s young artists program. I had done a similar program at SCAD last summer and thought it was great, so I applied for several more this year. Luckily, since these programs tend to be quite pricey, DCAD offered me a full scholarship to attend which I happily accepted!
Each student did a drawing class and an elective of their choice, I of course did photography. I’ve only ever worked with digital photography techniques and this course focused on only film so I was really excited to learn the whole magical process.
I discovered how it all worked, what it’s like to spool film in the dark, work in a dark room, and that there’s a lot of little steps to the process. I honestly loved it all and thought it was such a great experience where I actually felt like I was doing something worthwhile. I ended up producing quite a few great photographic prints that I made myself and I am truly proud of. The best part of it all was getting recognition from some of the college staff after seeing my work from the week and feeling so welcomed at the school.
I also really enjoyed the drawing class. I don’t draw too often anymore and it was wonderful to get to try new techniques and work through it.
I ended up really loving it there. I’m definitely applying!

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