I currently have a photo up titled simply “Bottles”. This photo is exciting for me not only because its demonstrating a style a little different from what I usually do, but also because it has become the inspiration for my final art project for junior year in my pre-AP art class.
Our last project was almost entirely up to us, with the guidelines that it should reflect the progress we’ve made this year, and represent where we want to take our artwork next year. It is centered around the term Sankofa from the Akan language, that roughly means “to go back and return”. We were meant to go back and look at this year and take it with us to move forward.
Two thirds of the way through the time we had to work on it I was still mulling around the art room completely devoid of ideas and when I had some, lost on how to translate them into a real piece or anything concrete.
Junior year has been so busy and mentally and physically draining, especially the last few months. I had no ideas because I had no energy to think creatively and no imagination left after I’d fried my brain on tests, books, studying, and minimal sleep, not to mention a part-time job, tennis, and a play to put on. All of my activities by themselves are pretty great and not horribly stressful, but when combined, they kind of make me crazy.
That was the basis for my project but I couldn’t figure out how to correlate that into anything that captured the poetic feel I had in my head. Things kept becoming too illustrative and cartoon-like.
And no we come back to the bottles. My art department, clever as they are, decided to ask for all recyclable bottles people had so they could melt them down in our kiln and create one of a kind spoon rests and cheese or cutting boards. Armed with a camera, I zeroed in on the boxes of bottles and was mesmerized by the shapes, the colors, and the effects they were creating so I just kept going. By the end of the class I had about 3 good photos I was pleased with and my teacher wanted me to incorporate them into my final piece. Talking with her more about it I realized this was exactly what I wanted to do and a good vehicle to convey the moods I had been experiencing for the past few months both good and definitely bad.
I worked out quite a few more photos today, and I’m really looking forward to finishing the project and sharing it here with all of you!

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