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im a girl.
im 22 years old, i was born in September.
my name is Jamie, and i am married to the most wonderful man alive! =]
i like music.
i like art.
i like to write.
i like to read. i read way more than i should.
i love to love.
i couldn’t live without compassion.
or erasers.
i couldn’t live without His grace.

i like literature.
something about it makes me happy inside, even Poe.

i like using my hands. for everything.
it bothers me, if i can’t use my hands for something.

i really like bread. a lot.
i also drink diet coke in excessive amounts.

im afraid of the dark.
but im okay with that.

i really like snakes.
but im not a reptile freak.

im good at buying batteries, and i do it a lot.
im also good at messing things up.
and i do that a lot too.

i love photography, and i love photographing,
but i really don’t know a blessed thing about it.

im quiet, until you get to know me. =]

  • Age: 24
  • Joined: November 2008


A Quote for This Day

I just stumbledupon these 2 quotes, / To me, this was incredible. / They reminded me so much of myself, and so much of all of YOU. This inspired me to be REAL. / So beautiful. / “Admit it. / You aren’t like them. / You’re not even close. / You may occasionally dress yourself up as one of them… / …Watch the same mindless television shows as they do, maybe even eat th…
Posted about 3 years – 4 comments

Road Blocks, Love, and New Chapters

Okay so it’s honestly been a while since i wrote much of anything…. Truth is, i’m having a dry spells (yes, plural), just as all writers do when they get either one of two things: satisfactorily content with life, or slightly busier than normal, both of which have laid their delicate little fingers over the output receptors of creative side. / I don’t have anything sad to…
Posted almost 4 years – 3 comments

the side of me i hate to reveal at this time.

this is something i have never felt before. / to feel rejected by the one that truly excepted you, / the one that loved you. / the one that knew you, just like you knew yourself. / avoid me, / something ive never known you to do. / every time i feel my heart being mended, it’s ripped open again. / gashed into a thousand bloody pieces by the hand of insanity, / leaving me with out the most v…
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So many things i want to say to you.

But there is no time to say them. / My words are like plastic to you, easilly broken, easilly forgetten, and unimportant. / Nothing is worth / anything / anymore, / and all i can do is cry out to Him. / The One who saved and Redeemed me. / I can’t live without you. / From this moment on, it will never matter what i say. / For my words are like fall leaves to you, / easially broken, easill…
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