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Any tips???

Hello to all the Bubblers out there!

I just wanted to share some news with you all. Lately i’ve been in such a rutt when it comes to taking any good shots. For starters i broke my 18-55mm lense which has left me with my 70-300mm, which is good for some shots but not for all. So i’ve really struggled to take any shots i’m happy with. My kids have been sick with the flu and the like which has made it difficult to get out and about to go find those great shots! My creative juices seem to be drowning in snot and dirty tissues god bless the little rascalls !!!! Now they are on the up and i should be able to get into Geelong so my lense can finally get fixed. Yeah!!

Seems good news comes just in time for me. Unable to take any new shots i began to doubt myself and my abilities. Then i received a call today. It was a reporter from a local newspaper. She left a messge asking me to call her as she wants to do a story on me and the work i did for the Apollo Bay Music Festival as the photographer. I haven’t called her back yet as i was working when she called. So scared! So nervous! Having all those self doubting feelings and can’t help but think there’s surely a more interesting story out there than i!

Anyway bubble friends i will call her tommorrow and yep i’m nervous as! Sounds silly probably to you guys as your work is amazing and so many of you are beyond talented and have more than likely had exhibitions and things like that gone on in your lives. This is a first for me and i’m just thilled someone thinks i’m worthy. Not sure what i’m going to say so if any of you have any helpful tips on this kind of thing PLEASE pass them on.

Thanks for listening or should i say reading!

Just had to tell someone!!


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