FREE "You've Made a Sale" SMS Alert For REDBUBBLE SALES!

I just happened to find a way to get an SMS every time I make a sale or I get my redbubble earnings paid! using Ifttt (it’s completely free, and NO, I’m not an affiliate, there are no rewards programs or ways to make money here!!!) I share this information because I’m glad with the service and I really like receiving an SMS every time I get a sale here on Redbubble :D

I created a task (they call it recipes) that sends me an SMS every time I get an email with subject “You’ve made a sale” on my Gmail account! Very cool!
Then I created the other task to SMS me when my Redbubble earnings are paid!

Simply sign up to Ifttt and use these recipes I created so you don’t have to go through all the process of creating the filters yourself…

My Recipes to get SMS notification of SALES and EARNINGS PAID!

Try it out: It’s working just fine for me, but maybe is not available in all countries…try it and then, you can test it by sending an email to your Gmail (from a different address, daah! ;-P ) with subject “You’ve made a sale” and if it’s working you’ll get the SMS within 15 minutes! :D
While you’re at the SMS, save that number as a contact, “ifttt Alert” in my case, since all alerts will come from that number.

BTW, You need Gmail
If you really want this service you should then create a Gmail account and have all your email fetched from hotmail, yahoo, etc…oh it’s a lot of work! but it can be done if you really want to get those nice SMS’s :D
If you’re new to gmail is a big change, but you’ll love it eventually!
Or maybe you can have hotmail or yahoo forward only Redbubble emails to a Gmail account.
… I think it can be done, I only use gmail. I can’t be of any help with hotmail and yahoo, but I’m sure you can easily find a tutorial on google on how to do this.

;-) Hope it works for you if you give it a try! …enjoy…and I wish you many sale SMS alerts!

Best regards,

PS: If you’re not interested, other RB members may still want to hear about this, so add it to your favorites, or like it on facebook if you have RB friends there or tweet it…they may appreciate this information ;-)

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