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Who? I’m Denis Marsili , I’m a self-taught artist and Tshirt designer from Argentina.

When designing a new T-shirt (usually with music on and drinking “mate”), I picture someone wearing it at a disco or bar, drink in hand, making an impression and looking cool while having a great time with friends…it’s a great boost for my inspiration!

I honestly believe people can really get to know “me” by my work, but if I have to put it into words I can think of bold, dark, sometimes controversial, mainly ironic art (conceptual artists often rely on irony since life itself tends to be a little sarcastic I think you’ll agree with me on this). Sometimes my designs are a bit up-in-your face when I want my message clear.
I’m curious and I always want to learn new things and develop my technique and style if possible. Trying new things always with a positive mindset, I think that shapes up my style.

It all starts with an idea, a feeling, the sense I have to tell people something in particular, to share something…or just the urge to express my emotions as I experience them. It also works as therapy for me, designing takes me out of this world.

I’m connecting with people through my work, so much that they want to wear it, they agree with me and want to share that statement wherever they go!
Designing T-shirts is the most beautiful and enriching experience I have ever had, I enjoy every bit of it!

The idea of someone wearing what came out of my mind is indescribable and mind-blowing! That they can be happy with their new T-shirt, that motivates me the most. That’s my fuel.

*Since 2015 I am a co-founder with Graeme Voigt of PixelSick! Healthy Art Inspiration:



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Dear Buyer: Get Discounts by giving me feedback on your T-Shirts! Please take 30 secs!

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