I maintain a 5,000 page web site of my art, poetry, music, videos, inventions, designs, comedy etc.etc.

I have an antiquated degree in commercial art from the early 70’s that I upgraded on my own.
I’m thought by many to be a genius.
Huh? who me?

I live in backwoods Ontario Canada in my ivory tower because planet earth is a scary place and this piece of the rock is fairly safe from most natural disasters.

Love science fiction for the science, and all things curious.

Currently I am playing the role of, “Angel,” to a mad scientist who, if not for the evil doings of an employee (A.S.) would be the holder of the coveted, Order of Canada, for his work in hydrogen fuel cells.

It’s one of the reasons my portfolio is so small. I’m spending too much time sorting through his papers.

As I have learned the Canadian Government is corrupt, past the usual taking of graft etc. They have gone to great lengths to prevent my friend from promoting his inventions.

It is illegal to take away someone’s primary residence when it is mortgaged. That didn’t stop them. I pulled him out of a trailer in a swamp, with no potable water, last fall. He was penniless and ranting about Tesla’s death, but I decided to do what I could to rectify the injustice.

Things are not going as well as I hoped, but there are slow improvements in our living situation. At least he is no longer driving a $100. suicide machine, without insurance!

I hope you enjoy my work. Please help support us in our efforts to make clean renewable energy a reality,
L.D. Neill

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