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Once, twice, three times... a genius

So sang Lionel Richie (also a genius) about ladies. / RedBubble were nice enough to feature this piece of tripe below. / This makes it 3 features for me in the last week or so. I don’t really know where to go from here. If my genius becomes any more published I may have to start cutting ears off myself. And I only have two to start with. Also, the lack of ears is going to make wearing a ber…
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More genius recognition

The beret-wearing (see previous entry) has obviously paid off as another shot has been featured by RedBubble, who clearly have the sense to recognise greatness when they see it. / This further recoginition catapults me into a new dimension. From tomorrow I will wear an Andy Warhol wig, will start smoking a pipe and will speak in unfathomable non-sequiturs. My small study will henceforth be known …
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My genius....recognised

I was pleased to see that one of my shots (Blackfriars Underpass) was featured by RedBubble. / This provides welcome affirmation for my filthy photography habit. From this point on I intend to become an even more intolerable bore, pointing to this dubious achievement as the crowning glory of my new-found photographic genius. I’ve re-written my CV accordingly, have informed all former frien…
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